It’s official! I’m on @fineartamerica now!

So, it’s official, after years of thinking about doing something like this, I am excited to announce that I am now officially selling photos on Fine Art America. You can view my profile here

To anyone who has encouraged me to do this, a big thank you! …Thank you for believing in me and therefore instilling confidence in me that I could do this. Whether I fail or succeed in this endeavor remains to be seen, but at least when it comes down to it, I’ll know that I gave it a shot. And sometimes, when it comes to following your dreams, in the end you only regret the chances you never took; the dreams you never followed. So you may as well just get out there and give it a try, because you just never know where that may lead you.

I’ll be adding more images as I go have time to go back through all of my photos from the past year or so. I hope you enjoy them and take time to stop by and check out my gallery of photos!


Signs of spring
Signs of spring


California dreaming
California dreaming


A new look on life
A new look on life

And always remember:


Dreams don't work unless you do.
Dreams don’t work unless you do.


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