For the love of hearts!

I love hearts. They’re my favorite part about Valentine’s Day. All the cute little heart stuff out there. Heart sunglasses, heart clothes, heart key chains, purses, umbrellas, I even found a heart mouse for the computer – all blinged up and everything! And I really want a heart shaped umbrella. Is it going to keep me drier in the rain? Who even cares! And heart hair vitamins – how cute are those? Heart ear muffs, phone cases, headbands, scarves, bathing suits – I want it all.

Even if you don’t like anything else about this holiday, you’ve gotta love the hearts, right? So much fun. Whomever your buying for, don’t forget the hearts!





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Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Christmas is almost here! It’s down to the wire now. Time to get those stocking stuffers before Christmas arrives! This is the last mad dash of Christmas shopping before this whole season is over.

I’ve had a few setbacks this month – my car decided to stop running a week and a half ago, so there went all my Christmas shopping money into the car. And, I walked up a small steep hill and ended up re-triggering the pain I’ve been having in my SI joint. Like, really bad. Almost took myself to the hospital Friday night the pain got so bad and none of my pain killers at home were working to get rid of it. Now that pain is going away again, I can get back going and gather the rest of my stocking stuffers. Makes it hard to do Christmas shopping when you can’t get out there to do it. Thank goodness for Amazon and online shopping in general, ammirite?

If you are like me, you’re probably working on stocking stuffer gift ideas now. There’s always candy to put in those stockings, but you don’t want a whole stocking full of candy – or do you? Yum. But just think of the kids hyped up on sugar if you do just that. So I’ve gathered together a few more non-candy ideas for you to help finish up your holiday shopping.

Happy shopping everyone! Just think, one week and all the Christmas craziness will be over for another year.




Stocking stuffer gift ideas


*This post contains affiliate links. If you click through on them, I may receive a small drop of money. Enough to keep one light burning. Thank you in advance for keeping a light on in my home.


Gloves, hats and scarves fit in stockings pretty well for any age group.

For kids, there are so many cool little toys you can put in stockings as well, but what about for older kids – teens, tweens, and adults? Finger yoga, anyone? I thought that was pretty cute. Not sure if my fingers really need to do yoga, but cute all the same.

Or a Batman multi tool for the guys.

For women and teenage girls, make-up and nail polish or earrings are a fun and easy thing to add.

Belts can be easily rolled up and tucked into a stocking for guys, or wallets.

Fidget spinners were really popular this year and would make a great gift to tuck into a stocking – I ran across a fun one for girls with lip gloss in the ends of the spinners.

Powder puff pom poms are still going strong as well – whether on top of a hat or just a key chain pom handbag charm to attach to your purse.

I personally love the cute vintage-y toy gifts out there, but am almost wondering if the younger generation would even appreciate them or if they would be a better gift to give to an adult for nostalgia’s sake, like this cute vintage robot toy. What do you think?


Shop stocking stuffer ideas below:

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