Let it snow – and how to fight the winter blahs

I was pretty excited about the snow the first few days after it snowed. I got out there and walked around, played in it, took photos. Watched others sledding and trying to make snowmen and snowballs out of snow that was too cold to pack properly. Yeah. It was fun.

By day three, it wasn’t so fun anymore. I’m used to it being on it’s way out the door by then. Nope. It was coming to stay for a while. The cold started getting to me, so I didn’t want to go out in play in it. But the sunshine was nice and made me feel happy yet ‘trapped’ indoors.

Then came the warm up. It got gray, cloudy and stormy. Whoo whee, do those gray days ever knock something out of you! I actually hunkered down around mid-day in my blankets on one of the first ones and literally thought I was really about to hibernate away the rest of winter – just like I’d joked about in my last post.

So, how do we get around these winter blahs that hit us when we live in colder climates?





Go do something outdoors

I felt a lot better on the days I went outside than on the days I was feeling trapped indoors. I realize from reading many articles about it that we don’t actually get much vitamin D from the sun this time of year because we are so far away from it during the winter months, but somehow, just getting outside and getting a bit of fresh air helps you feel less trapped on those sunny but cold days.


Snow covered bridge
Snow covered bridge

Soak up some sun rays

On the sunny, cold days, I felt a lot better if I had time to just sit in the sun coming in the windows. Again, I don’t think it’s the vitamin D because of what I just said about not getting much in those winter months from the sun, anyway. Also, apparently, we don’t get vitamin D through glass windows anyway. But I must say, just being able to see the sunshine and feel the warmth really helps me when it’s sunny and cold.


Winter at Red Sunset Park
Winter at Red Sunset Park

Take Vitamin D

Since we aren’t getting it through the sun, take a good vitamin D supplement in the winter to help chase away winter blues – especially if it’s gray outside. It’s a winter happy pill.


What long arms you have!
What long arms you have!

Get a Sunlamp

I don’t have one of these, but I’ve heard they really help and am really considering getting one. I notice even if it’s a cloudy/sunny day I feel better than on one where we are just socked in all day with gray clouds and rain. Since I live in the Portland Metro area where we are known for our heavy rain, this would be a good investment.


Winter sunbeams
Winter sunbeams


Seek medical help

Honestly, it’s okay to seek advice from a doctor if you feel like S.A.D. is affecting you too much. They may start with Vitamin D or recommend a sun lamp, or put even put you on an anti-depressant during the winter to help get you through the dark, gloomy days ahead. And that’s okay.


Come sit a while...
Come sit a while…


Fly south!

And, if all else fails, you can always move south to a warmer and sunnier climate. I realize that’s a bit drastic, but if nothing else is working perhaps getting away from the gloom and doom feelings of winter permanently will do the trick. Or just plan a tropical getaway in the middle of winter, if you can afford to get away.


Feed the birds.
Feed the birds.


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