Boho Embroidered Summer Sundress

I was all ready to go to the lavender festival this past weekend in my boho embroidered sundress in off white and blue. I’d heard there was a lavender festival going on this past weekend and decided I wasn’t going to miss it this year. Only to discover that all of the lavender farms participating in this festival were not any of the ones near my home. Wah. But, my son remembered seeing one off the Columbia Historic Highway just past Corbett, Oregon, so off we went in search of lavender fields.

I was wearing this cute boho embroidered sundress – perfect for a hot summer day. Not perfect for our next adventure to Larch Mountain, but absolutely wonderful for walking through fields of lavender taking photos.

I got this dress the end of last summer at Hollister. I believe my mom bought it for me. I still hadn’t worn it yet. The fact that it’s backless makes it hard to wear a bra with it, so after I got one of those weird sticky bra things the end of last fall (you can find that item here,) I was ready to wear all of my backless tops and dresses. Only to find it was now way to cold to do so. This year, I’m ready for them, though. Bring on the summer weather!


Blue and cream sundress


Strolling through the lavender fields


Blue and cream summer sundress


Side view of boho style embroidered summer dress


Sunhats and sundresses


Embroidery details


Criss cross back sundress


This dress is an off white cream color lined to just above the knees with gorgeous blue embroidery details on the bodice. Since it was last years style, you probably won’t find it in the store, but here are some others like it. The hat, shoes and earrings are also old, but the sunglasses are new. Similar styles are found in the link below.


All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog.


Sparkle on!

,I’ve been sick for the past week with a cold and it definitely has dulled my sparkle a bit. I pull out of it a little bit every day, but wow, am I sick of being sick at this point. I did not going to chemo today with my mom – they don’t want sick people in the chemo ward getting the people on chemo sick because their white blood cell count gets knocked out by the chemo and they have a harder time recuperating from illness than the rest of us do with all of our white bloods cells still intact to fight infections. And I should probably sit outside at my parents tomorrow for out 4th of July BBQ so I don’t bring my germs in the house. Bleh. Being sick is no fun at all!

However, today I was having fun browsing through sparkler/firework photos on free stock photo sites online. One really about summed up what I feel like today. A hand lifting out of the water with a sparkler in it. Yeah. That’s me. Can’t breathe real well right now through my stuffed up nose so I feel like I’m underwater, but tomorrow’s a holiday, so sparkle on people, sparkle on!

Happy 4th of July!


Sparkle on through life's difficulties ~ Photo by Kristopher Roller
Sparkle on through the life’s difficulties ~ Photo by Kristopher Roller


It only takes a spark ~ Photo by Cristian Escobar
It only takes a spark ~ Photo by Cristian Escobar


For two are better than one... ~ Photo by Ian Schneider
For two are better than one… ~ Photo by Ian Schneider


Sparkle on! ~ Photo by Kristopher Roller
Sparkle on! ~ Photo by Kristopher Roller


If it rains, make an umbrella. ~ Photo by Sarah Zucca
If it rains, make an umbrella. ~ Photo by Sarah Zucca


Seattle Space Needle sparkling on! ~ Photo by Nitish Meena
Seattle Space Needle sparkling on! ~ Photo by Nitish Meena



It only takes a spark,

to get a fire going,

and soon all those around 

can warm up in it’s glowing.

That’s how it is with God’s love,

once you’ve experienced it.

You spread His love

to everyone,

you want to pass it on.