Palm leaf tank top

I’ve been waiting for this palm leaf tank top to arrive from Yoins for a couple of weeks now, and finally, when I got busy doing extras work and stand-in work for a couple of days with no time to check the mail, that’s when it arrived. I love this palm leaf print trend that’s been so in this year! The shades of green, pink, and ivory are such a nice color combo. My only problem with this tank top was that the straps were way too long. I had to pin them up a bit so it would hang just right on my petite frame. Later on, when I have time, I’ll sew the straps I pinned into place so I don’t have to keep pinning it every time I wear it.

I paired this with my white eyelet lace shorts, white flower sandals, my ‘Wish you were here’ straw hat’, rose gold reflective sunglasses, rose gold purse plus my palm tree necklace and earrings for a nice summer look. Too bad summer is almost over. I’ll have to layer the top with jeans and a jacket as summer turns into fall so I can still wear it.

Which summer trend did you like best this year?


Straw hat, leaf print tank top, eyelet lace shorts + rose gold sunglasses



Green and white


Palm leaf print top + eyelet lace shorts


Leaf print top + white lace shorts


Wish you were here




Yoins palm leaf top


You can find more leaf print clothing right here:


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Summer reading – had me a blast!

I love reading! So for all my fellow book lovers out there, here are a few of the books I’ve been reading this summer. There’s more that I haven’t quite finished the series for yet, so we’ll get to those later.

I stumbled upon these books that are a prequel for The X-files, written by Kami Garcia and Jonathan Maberry.

In Agent of Chaos by Kami Garcia, we follow Fox Mulder in the year 1979 when he is still a teenager and finds himself tracking down a serial killer after a local boy turns up dead and another is abducted. This is the first time he helps solve a case and what sets him down the path to becoming the agent Fox Mulder we know from the X-files.


Agent of Chaos by Kami Garcia
Agent of Chaos by Kami Garcia


In Jonathan Maberry’s book, Devil’s Advocate, we follow the story of  Dana Scully as she starts having dreams and visions of teens who have died recently at her school. She begins to investigate and uncovers more suspicious deaths. As she learns to use her new found powers, she has to figure out quickly who she can trust – often times putting herself into harms way to help solve this mystery.


Devil's Advocate by Jonathan Maberry
Devil’s Advocate by Jonathan Maberry


I forgot how much I love a good mystery until I started reading these two books. Trying to figure out who did it can be fun even if you’re wrong.

Next up, we’ve got Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1) by Cassandra Clare. This author has a whole slew of great books. This one follows Emma Carstairs and her parabatai Julian Blackthorn as they delve into the mystery of why the bodies of humans and fairies keep turning up murdered in the same way Emma’s parents were. The race is on to stop a demonic plot to take over Los Angeles, with Emma out for revenge, and Julian trying to get back his brother, Mark, who is being held prisoner in the fairy courts.


Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare


The next book in this series is Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices #2) by Cassandra Clare. Let me tell you, this was one big book – and I cannot lie! So if you like big books, this one is for you.

Emma learns that the love she has for her parabatai isn’t just forbidden, it could destroy them both. So she pushes Julian away and pretends to have a relationship with his brother Mark. Meanwhile, the Unseelie king is tired of the Cold Peace and rises up against them, while tensions between the Shadowhunters and Downworlders cause a group of Shadowhunters to form the Cohort and try to take over the Los Angeles Institute. As danger arises on all sides, they take off in a quest to find the Black Volume of the Dead – their only hope in getting out of this mess.


Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare
Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare


Next up, we’ve got the Reliquary series by Sarah Fine. In the first book, Mattie Carver learns that magic is real after her fiance, Ben, is abducted. As Mattie sets out to find him, she runs into his Asa, his estranged brother, only to learn that she is a reliquary – someone who can carry magic in their own body undetected. Asa agrees to help her find her fiance, but only if she’ll carry magic for him to assist his smuggling operation. Will they find Ben before it’s too late?


Reliquary by Sarah Fine
Reliquary by Sarah Fine


In book 2, Splinter, Mattie tries to leave the world of magic and go back to her normal life, but her talents as a reliquary make her a valuable commodity. Forced back into that world by a painful betrayal, Mattie must again join forces with Asa. Struggling to endure the magic that is inside of her, Mattie travels through Chicago then on to a traveling circus, chased by the mobsters who wish to use her powers, all while trying to withstand the effects of the magic inside of her.


Splinter by Sarah Fine
Splinter by Sarah Fine


Mattie partners up with Asa in Mosaic, and although she’s determined to keep things professional, her partner, Asa Ward, is a temptation she finds increasingly hard to resist. She struggles with telling him her feelings because he hates being caged, but then a black market magic exchange goes wrong and she teams up with an unlikely ally to try and save him. But will there be anything left to save?


Mosaic by Sarah Fine
Mosaic by Sarah Fine


I currently just finished reading all the books I have checked out from the library and always feel kind of at a loss until I get new ones. I have 8 books on hold at the library right now. Four of which are on order for whenever they are released. But with four more that are in at other libraries in Multnomah County, hopefully I’ll be getting a few in soon, so I can start a new one. Must have books…