Stripes and flowers

Happy July everyone! I know, it’s halfway through the month, but I haven’t done a blog post yet this month, so I thought I’d say it anyway.

I went out shopping on 4th of July weekend and found some good deals at Ross and Marshall’s that I thought I’d share with y’all.

This Anne Klein skirt was only $13.99 on clearance at Ross. Whoohoo. I saw another striped skirt before I left that was only $10.99 regular price. I almost bought that instead, but you just can’t beat the quality of this Anne Klein skirt over the more cheaply made t-shirt material thin cotton skirt I thought of getting instead. That one was cute, but I decided to go with the better quality of this one.

And this shirt, though! I was admiring it when it was full price at the Marshall’s close to me, then just happened to spot it at another one a month or so down the road on clearance for only $10. Yes, please! Check out those cute floral details on the sleeves of this Kim & Cami tie front top.

The big asymmetrical stripes make a bold statement, while the florals add a softer feminine touch.

Also, the gold sandals are from Ross. Less than $15. Good deals are my jam!

We went to one of the historical houses in Portland to do this shoot, and it was packed because they were having a car show. We walked around a bit, took a few photos out back, then switched to a quieter historical house located in Troutdale. Much easier to do photos without the crowds.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. Happy shopping!

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Shop the look here:


~ All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog.

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Gingham bow tie top + ballerina leggings

I got this gingham top and ballerina tie leggings courtesy of Yoins. Both items are so super cute! The gingham plus the cold shoulder tie sleeves makes the top really trendy. And, what’s not to love on the ballerina tie leggings? Amirite? I got so many compliments the day I wore those to physical therapy. (Yeah, still going due to the whip lash from the car accident last month. Wah. Wah. Wah…) Although one lady did say it looked like the muscle tape they have. So if you really want to create them yourself on a budget, you now know how. Just get muscle tape and criss cross it around your legs. Haha. Just kidding. Really. Don’t do that.

If you like the exact same ones I got, just hover your mouse (or finger, if you’re on your phone) over the words ‘top’ and ‘leggings’ in the above paragraph. Similar items are posted in the links at the bottom of the post as well.

Happy fall y’all!


Black and white tie-sleeve gingham top


Gingham top + ballet tie leggings

Gingham black and white tie sleeve top


Ballet tie leggings



Black and white


Gingham cold shoulder top




You can find similar items here. This post contains affiliate links, if you click through, I may receive a penny or two. Thank you in advance for helping keep one light bulb on in this household.

All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog. Continue Reading “Gingham bow tie top + ballerina leggings”

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