Boho Embroidered Summer Sundress

I was all ready to go to the lavender festival this past weekend in my boho embroidered sundress in off white and blue. I’d heard there was a lavender festival going on this past weekend and decided I wasn’t going to miss it this year. Only to discover that all of the lavender farms participating in this festival were not any of the ones near my home. Wah. But, my son remembered seeing one off the Columbia Historic Highway just past Corbett, Oregon, so off we went in search of lavender fields.

I was wearing this cute boho embroidered sundress – perfect for a hot summer day. Not perfect for our next adventure to Larch Mountain, but absolutely wonderful for walking through fields of lavender taking photos.

I got this dress the end of last summer at Hollister. I believe my mom bought it for me. I still hadn’t worn it yet. The fact that it’s backless makes it hard to wear a bra with it, so after I got one of those weird sticky bra things the end of last fall (you can find that item here,) I was ready to wear all of my backless tops and dresses. Only to find it was now way to cold to do so. This year, I’m ready for them, though. Bring on the summer weather!


Blue and cream sundress


Strolling through the lavender fields


Blue and cream summer sundress


Side view of boho style embroidered summer dress


Sunhats and sundresses


Embroidery details


Criss cross back sundress


This dress is an off white cream color lined to just above the knees with gorgeous blue embroidery details on the bodice. Since it was last years style, you probably won’t find it in the store, but here are some others like it. The hat, shoes and earrings are also old, but the sunglasses are new. Similar styles are found in the link below.


All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog.


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Boho Tassel Strap Beach Dress – #fashionfriday

Today’s Fashion Friday item is a cute Boho style summer dress made out of a nice lightweight cotton that has a cool feel to it. I love the varying shades of blue in this dress against an off-white background, and the patterns. This item was sent to me in the wrong size. I ordered a small and got a medium. But, I decided to see if it fit a friend of mine because it is super cute and I didn’t want to send it back. So, while I was disappointed to get the wrong size in the mail, it was nice to have something to give to a friend – especially a super good friend who’s stood by my side and helped me get through a tough time while going through a divorce and trying to get back on my feet again.

I found I was pretty much isolating myself from most of my friends during this time, but this friend just went through a divorce herself and knows exactly what I’m going through which then makes it so much easier to talk to her than others who haven’t been through it and are just trying to run you over with their opinions. She’s pulled me out of my ‘funk’ many times and bought me lots of coffee so we can sit and chat together. I am so thankful for her presence in my life!  At some point in the month of August, there is a ‘Friendship Day’ – this is the friend I choose to celebrate for that day.

I should also mention, my friend does wonderful Jamberry Nail wrap manicures which we also took photos of when we got pictures of the dress. You can find her Jamberry website here.

*Although I did get this item at a discounted rate to review on Amazon, I was not asked to review it for the blog and am just doing that for fun. You can find this item here: Boho Tassel Strap Beach Dress



Blue Summer Beach Dress - Back View

Blue Summer Beach Dress – Back View


Jamberry nail wraps

Jamberry nail wraps


Boho Tassel Strap Beach Dress

Boho Tassel Strap Beach Dress


Fun summer nails from Jamberry

Fun summer nails from Jamberry


Boho Tassel Strap Beach Dress - Side view

Boho Tassel Strap Beach Dress – Side view

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