15 gifts for her under $100

Are you all shopping like crazy right now? For all the men out there who are stuck on gift items for her, here is a gift guide for you!  All under $100. So if you are a guy stumped on what to get your girl, this is for you.



15 Gifts for her under $100


I particularly love the cat purse from Asos, and the unicorn keyboard cover from Urban Outfitters.

Add a sparkly dress to make those winter days brighter. Sparkles, yes please! Pair this with shimmery eye shadow for all those winter parties.

Plus a warm puffer coat, a cute beanie and a super cute faux fur stole to keep her warm.

Bows on shoes and perfume bottles as well ~ I love bows on anything!

Graphic sweatshirts and fun llama print leggings to boot! You know those llamas are in now, right? Well, they are in and they are pretty adorable, so now you know!

Jewelry is always welcome. Kate Spade studs like shown in the widget below were super popular this year. There are all sorts of colors available. And who could resist a little blinged up Hershey’s Kiss necklace? I don’t even like Hershey’s chocolate very much, but still think this is pretty sweet. (I’m sure they don’t have a Dove dark chocolate necklace for me, and if they did, it wouldn’t be as cute as a chocolate kiss.)

As usual, you can shop my clickable widget below for more fun gifts for her. Hope this helps. If you wait until the last minute it may all be sold out. Don’t be that guy.


*This post contains affiliate links. If you use them, I may receive a small drop of money at no extra cost to you. Enough to keep one light bulb burning. Thank you in advance for keeping a light on in my home!


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Angel wings tee

I am was so excited to get my order from Favolook for the Angel Wings short sleeved t-shirt! (*Although this product was sent to me to try, all opinions expressed are my own & I was not paid to express my opinion. ~ No angels were harmed in the making of this post.)

Originally, I had been trying to get the black, but they were out in my size, so I ordered the white instead. I’m loving the white though! Makes me look more angelic. Ha.

I was also glad to note that it was not 100% cotton, because even though I love cotton t-shirts, I totally forgot to check before ordering and usually cotton shrinks quite a bit. Since the fit was already just right, I quickly had to check and see what it was made out of when it arrived to make sure it wouldn’t be shrinking up when I washed it to a size that would fit my fat cat. (She says she needs some angel wings, too, because she is a perfect angel and her sister can have some devil horns instead. Hmmmm… Not so sure about that.)

But, it is mostly a polyester/cotton blend, so it should stay exactly the same size. All is well in the not-shrinking department! And it feels nice and cool against your skin – which is great on a hot day when you want to be showing off your angel wings!

And then I had to photograph it, because, you’ve got to admit, it is pretty awesome! You can order it on Amazon here: Favolook or click on the photo to go back to the website.


Angel wings t-shirt

Angel wings t-shirt


On a side note, here I am a few days later after hiking up to Angels Rest in the Columbia River Gorge with some really interesting markings on my back. Hmmm. You, too, could have a really cool angel wing sunburn/tan after wearing this shirt. Ha.


That moment you realize you forgot to put sunscreen under your angel wings t-shirt and now you have them burnt into your back by the sun...

That moment you realize you forgot to put sunscreen under your angel wings t-shirt and now you have them burnt into your back by the sun…


Flying free on Angels Rest

Flying free on Angels Rest


Photo of me by my son, Calvin Hodgson, a very talented up & coming photographer. You can find his work on here on Flickr and on his blog.


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