Best of Etsy Gifts

I got a little carried away with Etsy today. So much cool stuff. So many talented craftsmen and women on there. Gotta love Etsy! I like that you can find unique and interesting gifts you may not be able to find in the bigger department stores on Etsy, and there is so much to choose from!

I fell in love with the the wire light up angel wings door hanger. Plus all of the fun throw pillows. There were also so many fun mugs to choose from. And wall hangings! Don’t even get me started on the jewelry… A unicorn charm necklace? Yes, please! How fun and whimsical is that? Light up mason jars with hydrangeas on top ~ love it! All these crafty creative people out there making cool stuff so I don’t have to. Works for me. I always think I’m going to be crafty and make my own stuff, but let’s get real here. I’m not going to get around to it. Like ever. So don’t count on handmade gifts from me.

If you’d like to follow me down the rabbit hole to Etsy-land, check out my favorites, below, all under $50!




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