Floral romper plus a bit more please

Finally, I’m wearing a springy colored floral outfit. Now that it’s almost summer. Better late than never, right?

I found this one at Rue 21. They were having a buy one get one free sale last weekend on rompers, so a friend and I were checking out all the rompers. Only to discover it wasn’t all the rompers on the sale, just the ones where the signs were. Grrrr. I had two I wanted originally. However, the shoes were also on the BOGO sale, so I switched out the romper that wasn’t on the sale and got these adorable woven wedge heels instead. Win! My friend left with two rompers a jumper and a necklace. Both of us had the romper I’m wearing today. Not only is it cute, the material is also super soft. I’ll try to not run my hands all over the material while I’m wearing it. Nah, who am I kidding. It’s too soft to resist!

The absolutely adorable heart aviator sunglasses are Betsey Johnson found at TJ Maxx. Because who doesn’t need a new pair of sunglasses every summer?


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I love the concept of buying something and getting something free. Who doesn’t want a little more for less?

This weekend, my dad, son and I watched Oliver performed by the Eastside Theater Company. Before the show had even started I had already eaten all my popcorn and was wanting to go out and ask the man selling the popcorn for ‘A bit more please.’ (said in a British accent, of course.) I wanted a free refill – he probably would have told me I could pay for more.

I didn’t do this, but it also got me to thinking, there was no shame in asking for a bit more. If you have billions of dollars and ask for a bit more money, you may need to know when to quit while you’re ahead. But if you are hungry and just need a bit more to fill your belly up, why not ask for more? Many times, I haven’t had enough to make ends meet and ask God for a bit more to pay the bills. When it come to my mom’s cancer or any health issues I, or anyone around me is going for, I often ask for a bit more healing. Or a whole lot more and a miracle besides when it comes to the cancer!

I also find myself asking God for ‘a bit more please’ of things I want, realizing I may or may not get them. Especially if I don’t need them, I just want them. I find that some times I do get some of the things I want. Maybe years down the road from when I want them – by the time I don’t want them that much, but sometimes God throws in things you want as well as need.

I’ll never forget when I was growing up and I asked God for one of those soft floral flannel nightgowns ‘with pretty lace on it’ and a new doll and doll furniture. My family didn’t have a lot of money growing up. We were poor as church mice. In fact, being the pastor’s kids, we were the church mice. Our family was preparing to go overseas as missionaries and any gifts we got from our parents were always the cheap version of what we wanted.

My dad was preaching at a church while we were doing deputation (when missionaries go out and gather the funding and supporters needed to live on the mission field). After the service, they had refreshments in the basement. Lo and behold, they had gifts for us and guess what they were? The exact kind of night gown I was wanting, dolls for each of us and little doll furniture. I had to walk away from everyone because my eyes wouldn’t stop leaking.

I remember similar stories happening after we went to Papua New Guinea. Things I ‘wanted’ showing up way down the road from when I wanted them – mostly because back in that day, the cheapest way to get things to us was to send them surface mail. And surface mail is exactly what it sounds like. From truck to boat to truck until it got to us. No planes involved. Sometimes goodies from the states arrived and mice had eaten through packaging to get to the food inside. Super disappointing. But God never disappointed in looking out for us – not just needs, but things we wanted and missed from home and couldn’t get in a foreign country.

So, those knee high and ankle socks weren’t what I wanted by the time they arrived, and instead you were wanting the mid length ‘scrunchy’ socks that were now ‘in’.Here they came a year or so down the road. The edible goodies came chewed through by mice, but, by golly, they came. And, the Turtles chocolates were wrapped in plastic and still good! The clothes from the States I wanted came in sizes too big, but we could make them work somehow. Perhaps God sent everything just the way He did in the timing He did because after the doll / nightgown incident I got bolder about asking for just ‘a bit more please.’ and He was trying to teach me to be content with what I had because by the time I got what I wanted, it came in a way that wasn’t quite how I was wanting it or I no longer wanted it anymore. But I still see Him providing not just the needs, but some of the ‘wants’ as well.

Not that we should treat God like he’s Santa Claus. He’s not. He’s the other Big Guy. But I never stop expecting the unexpected from God. He’ll answer your prayers in His own time and His own way. My God is a mighty God.

‘If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!’ Matthew 7:11.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

~ All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog.


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The thing about hope…

I’ve been trying to pick my word for the year since the new year started. I was leaning towards the word hope.

Rose in bloom

So I prayed about it, and still don’t have a word. Instead, I keep feeling like God is telling me to put Him first. Whoa. Am I not doing that? Hmmm. Maybe if I really think about it, He’s there in my life, but not always first.

Budding rose

The reason I’m feeling hope is because my doctor prescribed me a new medication – Amitryiptyline – that seems to be knocking the sciatic nerve pain down to a 4 / 5 level on a pain scale of 1 – 10. Making it easier to get through and be closer to being okay as I skate through a flare up of pain. But should I really be putting my hope in a medication? And how many times have we put our hope in medication for my moms cancer and had that hoped knocked right out from under us because the medication wasn’t working? We’ve been told the medication will fail at some point. No hope found there.

Yellow roseEarlier this week, a wantok from PNG lost her 17 year old daughter in a car accident. I was getting my thoughts together to write about my word choice – Hope – when I heard the news. Where is the hope in that situation? I couldn’t find it. I didn’t write my post. The hope was just knocked out of me. But then I started thinking about my friends words that she wrote in her post on Facebook about the accident. Her daughter had just rededicated her life to the Lord two weeks earlier. She knew she was in heaven and she’d see her again some day. Wow.

Fall finery

I have hope that maybe this medication is working and I can wean myself off it and be okay again without it someday. But I don’t know that. If I look at the world around me, there is no hope.

Red leaves

The thing about hope is this: Hope is a fragile thing. It can be crushed, broken or dissipate into thin air in a heartbeat. If you put your hope in the things of this world, you have nothing. But, if you put God first and put your hope in Him, you have peace everlasting.

White rose

So, as we head into the new year, it’s a good thing to have hope for the future, but it’s a much better thing to remember Who to place your hope in in the first place. If we listen to Him telling us to put Him first, then it doesn’t matter if we have a word or resolution to face the new year with. My hope is in Him.

Pink and white rose

This is the year that I put God first in my life. I will declare that right now. Because maybe He’s there, just waiting to be put front and center.

Orange flower

For anyone reading this, I challenge you to stop and think. Is He first in your life, or is He just there, in case you need Him and feel like talking to Him if you have a moment?

Red maple leaf

To my susa lewa who lost her daughter this week: my heart breaks when your heart breaks. You are in the thoughts and prayers of many wantoks this week.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1


Pidgin English Words:

*Susa = Sister

*Lewa = Person of my heart, my heart craves / longs for you.

*wantok = A close comrade: a person with whom one has a strong social bond, usually based on shared language or place.

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