15 gifts for her under $100

Are you all shopping like crazy right now? For all the men out there who are stuck on gift items for her, here is a gift guide for you!  All under $100. So if you are a guy stumped on what to get your girl, this is for you.



15 Gifts for her under $100


I particularly love the cat purse from Asos, and the unicorn keyboard cover from Urban Outfitters.

Add a sparkly dress to make those winter days brighter. Sparkles, yes please! Pair this with shimmery eye shadow for all those winter parties.

Plus a warm puffer coat, a cute beanie and a super cute faux fur stole to keep her warm.

Bows on shoes and perfume bottles as well ~ I love bows on anything!

Graphic sweatshirts and fun llama print leggings to boot! You know those llamas are in now, right? Well, they are in and they are pretty adorable, so now you know!

Jewelry is always welcome. Kate Spade studs like shown in the widget below were super popular this year. There are all sorts of colors available. And who could resist a little blinged up Hershey’s Kiss necklace? I don’t even like Hershey’s chocolate very much, but still think this is pretty sweet. (I’m sure they don’t have a Dove dark chocolate necklace for me, and if they did, it wouldn’t be as cute as a chocolate kiss.)

As usual, you can shop my clickable widget below for more fun gifts for her. Hope this helps. If you wait until the last minute it may all be sold out. Don’t be that guy.


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How to wear camo in the holiday season and beyond

For those of you camouflage lovers wondering how to wear camo in the holiday season, here are some tips:


  1. Wear camo that has a bit of sparkle in it. Like the top I’m wearing below. Or just a touch of glitter here and there. 
  2.  Add bling to make it more festive.
  3.  Try mixing up the colors to match the season. I also have a blue t-shirt in camo and a colorful camo jacket for spring.
  4.  Mix it with something more formal, like a camo top with a dressy skirt or vice versa.
  5.  Don’t wear it head to toe.
  6.  Try a touch of camo in unexpected places, like shoes or an accessory.
  7.  Pick camo with an embroidered embellishments on it, like a rose or flower patch.
  8.  And by all means, make it fun to lighten it up a bit!


Brown puffer vest + sparkle camo top


Fall style


Copper booties, brown puffy vest, sparkly camo + skinny jeans


Brown Vest + Camo Top


Sparkle camo sweater, brown puffer best, skinny jeans & copper booties




Fall style


Glittering camo + brown puffer vest


And a Happy Thanksgiving to all!


*This post contains affiliate links. If you click through on them, I may receive a small drop of money. Enough to keep one light bulb burning. Thank you in advance for keeping a light on in my home.


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~ All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog.

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