Palm leaf tank top

I’ve been waiting for this palm leaf tank top to arrive from Yoins for a couple of weeks now, and finally, when I got busy doing extras work and stand-in work for a couple of days with no time to check the mail, that’s when it arrived. I love this palm leaf print trend that’s been so in this year! The shades of green, pink, and ivory are such a nice color combo. My only problem with this tank top was that the straps were way too long. I had to pin them up a bit so it would hang just right on my petite frame. Later on, when I have time, I’ll sew the straps I pinned into place so I don’t have to keep pinning it every time I wear it.

I paired this with my white eyelet lace shorts, white flower sandals, my ‘Wish you were here’ straw hat’, rose gold reflective sunglasses, rose gold purse plus my palm tree necklace and earrings for a nice summer look. Too bad summer is almost over. I’ll have to layer the top with jeans and a jacket as summer turns into fall so I can still wear it.

Which summer trend did you like best this year?


Straw hat, leaf print tank top, eyelet lace shorts + rose gold sunglasses



Green and white


Palm leaf print top + eyelet lace shorts


Leaf print top + white lace shorts


Wish you were here




Yoins palm leaf top


You can find more leaf print clothing right here:


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*All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog.

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Purple layered tank top + Blue lace edged shorts – #fashionfriday

I found this purple layered tank top and the blue lace-edged shorts both at Kohl’s on their clearance racks. With another $5 off savings card + an additional 20% off, I got both items for just under $5 bucks! If you like to spend full price on stuff, this is not the fashion blog for you. I love, love, love a good deal!

The tank top is actually really well made – two layers of material – t-shirt material on top and a lightweight chiffon material on the inside in a complimenting shade of purple, creating a bit of a ruffled look on the bottom edge. The sequins at the neck are a nice touch, too, because who doesn’t love a little bling?

The shorts are super cute, but I almost wish they made a smaller size than small so they would feel like they fit me better. They look a bit like a skirt on me. Still cute, but a bit baggy for a skinny person like myself. I love the lace cut-out on the bottom edge. Details like that always make an outfit stand out.

The combat boots are from Sole Society – but from a few years ago so you won’t find them on their website any longer. The tights I got a Marshall’s a year or so ago – on clearance, of course!


Layers of blue and purple

Layers of blue and purple


Feelin' funky

Feelin’ funky


Purple layered tank top + blue lace edged shorts

Purple layered tank top + blue lace edged shorts


Purples & blues - oh my!

Purples & blues – oh my!


Fall style

Fall style


Last photo by Calvin Hodgson. You can find his work on here on Flickr and on his blog.

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