Fuchsia Bow Tie Top + a non-sewing tip to shorten your skirt

I got this Jennifer Lopez fuchsia bow tie top after Christmas on the clearance racks at Kohl’s. For less than $5. As usual. Ha. It has been such a cold winter and spring, I just now got around to wearing it for the first time. The top is a bit of a wrap top in the front and I didn’t realize until I was out and about in it that it looked like it had come un-sewn for about an inch and kept trying to flop open a bit too far. I’ll have to try and sew that back up again so I’m not having to keep holding it closed or put the straps from the bow over that spot in the future.


Tortoise shell sunglasses


The denim skirt a friend gave me. And while it’s a really cute style with a back slit that I love, I didn’t like that it cut off right on the top of my knees. Knees being these weird knobby little things we don’t really want to draw the eyes to, I always think the hemline should either be an inch or so above the knees or just go ahead and fall right below them so we aren’t accentuating them. Amirite?


Denim skirt + fuchsia bow tie top


So, I used the old school trick I used to do in high school to make skirts shorter and rolled the hem up one turn at the top. Because of the heavy denim material and the pockets and slit on the back, any more than that wouldn’t have worked on this skirt. Since the top was pretty long, I just tucked a little in at the front and let it hang over the now bulky waistline so the roll up wasn’t noticeable.


Fuchsia Top


The phone case is a Kate Spade. Gorgeous, huh?


Bow tie top, denim skirt, kate spade phone case + silver metallic converse sneakers


The sunglasses are from TJ Maxx but came from American Eagle Outfitters. And the shoes are silver glitter Converse sneakers.


Casual style


Yep, chillin’ like a villian. (A friend said that on a Snapchat post recently. Now the phrase is stuck in my head. Hahaha.)


Purple-pink bow tie top + jean skirt


What tricks do you have to make your clothes fit or look better on you?


Denim back-split skirt


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All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog.


Snowmageddon 2017!

So, Snowmageddon 2017 has hit the Pacific NW. Usually in the Portland metro area we get these little wimpy snow storms followed by ice, then it warms up and is gone for a while. We may get a few of these a winter, but they usually don’t last long. This time, the snow is not going away. I feel like I moved back to Michigan where there’s snow all winter long.


Snowmageddon 2017
Snowmageddon 2017


Portlandians just aren’t prepared for this. I have no studded tires or chains for my car – or even all weather tires. The city doesn’t have enough snow plows or manpower lined up to deal with it all. They refuse to salt the roads and have only sparingly put down any gravel. Seattle sent snow plows down to help us deal with our Snowmageddon. Because I’m sure they get a tad bit more snow than us and are therefore more prepared to deal with it. You’d think we lived in Texas or Florida where they hardly ever get snow – the way we act when it snows. The kids up here have had so many snow days for less than a foot of snow in most areas that now they’ll probably be going to school all summer to make up for it. Their parents are probably going crazy in the meantime!


Snow covered ladder leaning against a tiny red shed
Snow covered ladder leaning against a tiny red shed


I was excited about it the first couple of days, but by day three, I was content to soak up the sunshine coming through my windows and just look at it from the warmth of my own home.


Adirondack chair in the snow
Adirondack chair in the snow


But then, eventually, the need for kitty litter got me out of the house. Next, groceries in general, so I slipped and slid on in to the neighborhood Fred Meyer. Closest store I can make it to.


Holly berries, covered in snow
Holly berries, covered in snow


The weathermen keep lying to us and telling us temps will get above freezing, then, the day before we’re supposed to break out of the freezing temps, they change their minds. Off with their heads, I say! (JK. Well, pretty much…) So, Snowmageddon continues.


Snow blown trees
Snow blown trees


I should write a motivational post on how to deal with the winter blahs or something, but instead, I’m just happily sitting in the sunshine coming through my big picture window with my kitties, soaking up the sun rays and warmth while it lasts… Plus, that would take motivation to do that.


Weather vane in the snow
Weather vane in the snow


Not feeling very motivated right now…


Fire hydrant - pop of red against the snow covered ground
Fire hydrant – pop of red against the snow covered ground


See you all when the spring thaw comes. I’m hibernating for the rest of winter. I think those bears just might have the right idea on how to deal with winter!