Feeling squirrely

A friend gave me this dress and I was so excited to wear it. There are squirrels printed all over it. How cute is that? Squirrels everywhere!

Boden squirrel print dress, gifted to me; Chartruese ruffle edge cardigan, gifted to me; Brown puffer vest, old; Fur lined knee high boots, Kohl’s; Betsey Johnson cat ear sunglasses, Marshall’s.

I mean, look at them. Look at all the squirrels!!!

If you don’t like squirrels, I’m sorry, but we can’t be friends any more.

Just kidding. We can still be friends, but perhaps this dress isn’t for you…

Squirrel print dress, yellow cardigan and brown puffer coat

It was perfect for a fall day out touring covered bridges in Southern Oregon. It’s corduroy and lined, so is quite warm. Just add leggings or tights for when the colder weather comes along and you’ll be set.

This look will be a bit harder to replicate because the dress isn’t from this year. But as always, I’ve linked similar finds below. Specifically Boden dresses.

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~ All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.

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The Best Kitty Litter Box Ever

I recently had the opportunity to try the Litter Robot 3 Connect. Well, not me personally, but my cats.

Let me tell you, this thing is awesome! No more scooping,.Way less smell. The litter stays cleaner longer, so it takes longer to go through a bag of litter. This thing is the bomb dot com.

This thing looks like a spaceship. C’mon Isis, prepare for takeoff!

We originally had it sitting out in the living room because water was leaking from our upstairs bathroom to the downstairs one. The cat would go sit near it, but wouldn’t get in unless we put them in. We also didn’t have litter in it the first week as we were transitioning out the old litter box. They didn’t seem to know what this new thing was.

Once we moved it into the space where their old litter box was, they figured it out pretty quick.

However, we kept having water leaks from our upstairs bathroom into the one downstairs and I put the litter box out in the living room again.

This confused the cats and one of them started peeing on the floor outside the bathroom where their old one used to be. I had to clean the carpets and put the litter box back where they were used to it being to get them figuring it out again.

I see what you mean, Sheba. Perhaps a trip to the moon is in order…

Word of advice: Follow the advice given in the instructions and put the litter box where your cats old litter box is to avoid accidents outside the new litter box.

I have one cat who consistently poops outside the box. (The same one we suspect started peeing outside the box as well) She is doing this less, so I’m really hoping the less stinky litter box will curb that bad habit of hers.

System check!

Once your cat steps into the Litter Robot, the red Timing light starts timing. Seven minutes after they get out, the automatic cleaner system will start, the whole thing will rotate, clumps of litter will go down into a hole into a bag underneath the Litter Robot and clean litter will sift out and then sift back in as the whole thing rotates back. Pretty cool, huh?

Isis, make sure to pack snacks for our trip to the moon!

When the Litter Robot is ready to empty, the blue ‘ready’ light will flash and you’ll pull out the drawer, take out the bag and put a new bag in. Set the ‘reset’ button to get it to stop flashing and you’re good to go again. Easy peasy!

What if we don’t get home in time for our afternoon nap?

The entire month of November is Cyber Month at Litter Robot and all Litter-Robot 3 Connect bundles will be $75 off the retail value and all Litter-Robot 4 bundles will be $50 off the retail value. Whoohoo!

To infinity and beyond!!!

The Litter Robot pictured above is the Litter Robot 3 Connect. The Connect ones also link to an app that you can use to control the litter box and it will also tell you when to empty the litter box.

Your cats will thank you later if you buy this Litter Robot for your them for Christmas. They will be extremely grateful for their new cleaner, less smelly, cool spaceship looking litter box! In fact, you’ll probably thank yourself when your whole home smells cleaner and fresher and less like crazy cat people live there.

Happy Cyber Month of November!



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