Stayin’ alive!

This week I’m having a tough time keeping going. Trying to stay alive. The pain flare-ups I’m having seem to be getting worse. I was in pain Sunday and part of the day Monday. Went in to my chiro, acupuncture and massage appointments and the chiro probably caused it all to flare up again as the pain was still going down that day, so back I went into another bad day of pain Tuesday that wouldn’t quite go away Wednesday. Finally feeling better, but pain is tough to deal with y’all.




The term ‘sciatica’ was mentioned to me three times by people I worked with on three different sets last week. I looked it up and it sounds an awful lot like what I’m dealing with, but somehow, none of my doctor’s have mentioned this to me before. Two different neurologists don’t think the cyst on my spine is the cause of the pain. My chiropractor and the last neurologist have both mentioned doing planks. I’m trying but having trouble with pain flaring up in my shoulder still from the car accident last year. (Also when I started fighting this lower back pain.) And I think planking was the cause of Sunday’s flare up of pain. Other than the fact that I tripped on set and landed on someone’s knee Friday night. That in itself didn’t cause the bad pain flare up. Just dull pain a couple of inches up from that. The area just below was probably slightly irritated from that, so when I went to do my plank the next day, I felt the pain at the base of my spine go from light pain to a pretty sharp pain in a matter of five seconds time. I should have stopped planking sooner, but instead I sat there assessing how my shoulder was feeling for a couple of seconds before the warning bell went off in my head that I needed to stop planking Now. Le sigh… Such is my life nowadays.


Red rose

Red rose

I find myself soaking in the tub a lot when the pain hits. My little heating pad broke and I need a new one. (I’ve been looking at these Sunbeam  heating pads Amazon.)  I’ve tried icing the area as well, but either way I’ll get a half hour to an hour of lesser pain that what I had before, and no relief from the pain shooting down my leg. At least if I soak in the tub, I can soak my leg and get relief from that pain as well.


Purple and green hydrangeas

Purple and green hydrangeas

I take an 800 mg ibuprofen prescribed by my doctor. It doesn’t even phase the pain until it starts slacking off again. I was taking muscle relaxants, but a friend wondered why I wasn’t taking cbd oil instead. So I’m trying that, and it helps with muscle spasms, but again, not the pain. It may relax me as well, but I’m not sure. I did almost fall asleep in the tub the other day when I woke up in pain at 4:30am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I may have just been worn out by the time I almost fell asleep in the tub, but after 45 minutes of soaking plus my ibuprofen and the cbd oil, my body finally felt relaxed enough to start dozing off again. I found myself wondering if I did fall asleep, would I wake up if my head dipped to far into the water. And if I didn’t, at least I wouldn’t be in pain anymore. Yep. That’s when I realized it was time to get out of the tub, my friends!


Yellow sunflower

Yellow sunflower

I have no wonderful words of wisdom for people going through pain, but a whole lot of empathy for you right now. All I can say is: Keep your head above the water. Keep doggy paddling. Or, get out of the water entirely, in my case, and if you’re able. If it makes you feel better, start singing the song Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees


Pink roses

Pink roses


Some days, that’s all you can do. And it’s enough.


Peace rose

Peace rose


Survival is keeping your head above water until your feet find the ground.

Survival is keeping your head above water until your feet find the ground.


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How to find moments of peace when life gets crazy busy

It seem like this month has been so busy. Everything is winding down a bit now, but that brings up the question: How to find peace or peaceful moments amidst life’s craziness?


Gilkey covered bridge


First and foremost, you have to create them! 

I like to stop and take photos of something pretty or something I like. I seriously stopped on the side of the road to take a photo of a covered bridge on my way to set last week. I wished I’d brought my good camera, but all I had was my phone camera. It’s all good.
Also, while not being used on set, some of us walked down to the river and just soaked in all the peacefulness nature brings. Ah. Good for your soul.


Brilliant yellow


Take time to exercise.

I’ve been on set a lot lately. Up early, long days – eventually tiredness creeps in. I found myself trying to do some light stretching exercises to relax aching muscles on set in between takes or while in holding. I don’t have a lot of time when I get home some days, so whatever exercises I do on set is all that gets done. Most days we are walking around a lot, too, but some days you are just sitting in holding munching on snacks and talking with all the other extras or actors. I end up feeling a bit stiff after a while so I try to stretch it out while I have down time.


Some say a weed, others say a flower...



I needed to work on a script for an acting job while hanging out on set as an extra. The first day they just used our cars, so the second day I brought my script and started working on it during all the down time. It really helped since I was way too tired by the time I got home to deal with it. Work while you wait!


White wild flowers



Take a bath, have a glass of wine, read a book. Take time to wind down at the end of the day before going to sleep. Take a nap on your day off, or get a massage. (Yes, please!)


End of the day at Thomas Creek


Learn to say no

If you have too much going on, it’s okay to say no to new things trying to grab your attention. I need reminded of this one myself!


Morning glory



Learn to prioritize what needs your immediate attention and what can be left for a later date. Are getting groceries and doing laundry more important than washing your car? Do those things first before your energy wanes.


An alien looking bug


Listen to music

If you need soothing music, listen to that. If you feel like dancing around the house, find a more upbeat tune. And by all means, dance if the mood strikes you!


Rays of light



Take deep breaths. It calms you down. Relaxes your body. Tells your body: ‘There’s no stress here. All is okay in my world.’ Helps you fall asleep and wake up refreshed and ready for another crazy busy day.


Pop of color by the river


Know that this is not that important

After all, tomorrow is another day!


A peaceful moment at Thomas Creek


Peace out babes! (And guys, but that just didn’t have as good of a ring to it.)


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