Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s February and you know what’s around the corner – Valentine’s Day! I love all the heart stuff out right now. Hearts are my favorite. And stars. But stars have nothing whatsoever to do with Valentine’s Day, so this post is all about hearts. Hearts, hearts, hearts.

I’ve put together a fun bunch of heart stuff for the special lady in your life. I mean what’s not to love about heart sweater, heart watches, heart jewelry and heart shoes? Yaaaassss!

Fun Valentine's Gifts


I so want those Kate Spade bow heart slingback heels. Love at first sight! And I’ve been wanting a pair of heart sunglasses for a while now, but have a hard time getting ones with a wire frame to fit me. Hopefully I’ll find some perhaps without a wire frame that will stay on my little skinny face!

Filigree heart earrings with keyholes, I’ll take those! Dr Martens with hearts all over them. Uh-huh. Sapphire heart pendant necklace – spendy, but I’m worth it. Casual clothes with hearts that I can wear every day, bring it on! I already have heart socks, but I’ll take another pair. A heart shaped purse or a fuzzy heart backpack, I’m all in. Pajamas and bodysuits with hearts, I’ll take it all, thank you very much!

There’s always chocolate and flowers if you want to go that route. This bouquet from The Bouq’s has both. So pretty. After all, chocolate, flowers and jewelry are a girls best friend!


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