Kate Spade for Mother’s Day

I absolutely love Kate Spade products! They usually have a bit of a whimsical, fun aspect to them. I recently received this purse in the mail from Kate Spade in flamingo pink. Even the name of the color is fun! Why have regular pink when you can have flamingo pink, right? I love the style. The inside of this bag is super cute with a black and white striped liner. I like bags with a zipper divider pocket in the middle because it helps with organization. Big bags with no middle divider are a nightmare to find things in. You find yourself digging around for hours just to find your car keys. Gah. No thank you!


Kate Spade Thompson Street Sam Purse in Flamingo Pink


I must admit, I’ve never owned a purse that cost over $50 in my whole entire life, nor do I believe my mom has, either. I think at some point every woman should have the chance to see what it feels like to own a really nice purse. I am pumped to take this out for a whirl around town.


Kate Spade Thompson Street Sam Purse in Flamingo Pink


My mother is currently fighting cancer. She has a rare aggressive soft tissue sarcoma that chemo can’t kill. However she is on a trial program through OHSU in Portland, Oregon, and is so far keeping the cancer tumors down to a minimum. We have been told ultimately even the trial drug will fail, but it is buying her time right now. I’m sure any one who’s ever had a close friend or family member with cancer would do anything for just a bit more time. And who knows, maybe while we are buying her time, a new drug will come out on the market to buy her even more time or cure the cancer.


Kate Spade Purse in Flamingo Pink


I go to a lot of my mom’s chemo sessions. We like to take silly Snapchat photos when we go to chemo together. Not because we’re taking the cancer lightly, but to lighten up our day as we sit there. What kinds of silly things do you do or did you do with your mom? How do you remember Mom on Mother’s day?


Kate Spade Thompson Street Sam Purse in Flamingo Pink


This Mother’s Day, remember the mom’s in your life. Perhaps they, too, deserve a little Kate Spade. Plus from now until Mother’s Day you can save 20% off with code MDAY18, at www.katespade.com


Kate Spade Thompson Street Sam Purse in Flamingo Pink


To all the mom’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day! May you be spoiled rotten and have a relaxing day on Mother’s Day.


Kate Spade Thompson Street Sam Purse in Flamingo Pink


(Even one of my cat’s liked the Kate Spade handbag. She took over the spot I was photographing it in as soon as I walked away.)


Kate Spade Thompson Street Sam Purse in Flamingo Pink


*While I did receive this product from Kate Spade, this is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. 

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