Stripes and jumpers

I was given this cute little jumper. It’s quite warm – fleece lined inside and a neoprene-like texture on the outside. It has a big front pocket you can tuck your hands into – also fleece lined. Supa warm!

It is rather short, so for brisk fall weather, I threw on some tights and a cute little striped top, also worn here.  For the weather a few weeks ago, when these photos were taken, I was almost too warm in this outfit. Now, however, I’d be throwing on a coat as well.

Striped to, Rue21, old; black fleece-lined jumper, given to me; taupe Coach purse, gifted to me; black high heeled hiking boots, Rue21, last season.

We headed off to Edgefield McMenamins in Troutdale to take these photos. That place is gorgeous in the fall! The leaves were starting to turn, but hadn’t all changed color yet. I like to try and get down there when the grapevines have changed color and you can see row upon row of yellow grapevines, but they were barely turning at that point. By now they may be totally done and the leaves all pelted to the ground by the major amounts of rain and some hail we’ve gotten since then. Some years I miss the grape vines in full color. This may be one of them…

As fall is falling fast and we are about to head into the holiday season, a lot of us are preparing for another lock-down due to Covid. It’s disheartening, to say the least.

I pray you all stay healthy and well and find new and creative ways to stay close to family members while trying to maintain social distance.

Suggestions from my family have been to wear snowsuits and still eat outside on my dads back porch to keep all of our little germies out of his house. Or get one of those quick shade tents with side and sit outside bundled up in that. We were thinking of just preparing food at my house, bringing it over there and then eating in the living room while he eats at the table, but with new social distancing rules, we speculated on weather we should just all pop onto some sort of group video audio feed and eat at our respective houses.

What creative ideas are you coming up with to share the holiday together but apart due to Coronavirus? Like, seriously, I want to know in case they are better ideas than freezing our little buttooties off on my dads back porch!

As always, thank you for stopping by!

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~ All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.

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