Stripes and ruffles

I love stripes. And polka dots. And leopard print. But today we’re talking stripes with this little striped peasant blouse. Super cute with the little ruffled sleeves. I think I wore this once on set as an extra, but was so covered over with other stuff, you couldn’t really see it. Let alone me. Life as an extra…

Peasant blouse, Ross; denim jacket, given to me; Jeans-not-jeans, TJ Maxx; rose gold purse, Marshall’s; rose gold sunglasses, Ross; earrings, Kohl’s; gray bow boots, Kohl’s

I’ve been meaning to take a trip down to Edgefield in Troutdale. I finally made it down there earlier this month. Caught the last of the fall colors. I should have gone earlier, but I’m glad I went before all the pretty autumn leaves fell off the trees. I still have yet to get some cajun tater tots while there. If you haven’t tried them, you’ll have to try them at one of the Mcmenamins in the Portland metro area that makes them. They are the bomb!


Thank you for stopping by, and keep praying for my mom. She is done with radiation but still in a lot of pain. They are trying to get the trial drug approved through a patient assistant program so she hasn’t started that yet. Prayers that everything goes smoothly during this new phase of her cancer treatment and her pain starts going away. We are not sure what shape her lower ilium bone is in now that the tumor is gone. That will just have to start the healing up on it’s own. They’ll do another cat scan a month after radiation treatment ended so we’ll get a better idea then what we are dealing with still.

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All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.
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