I said I was going to post photos of Snowpocalypse, so here I am doing it. A week later, and only from the first day of the snow storm, (I never ventured out in snowpocalypse again to take photos after that.) But hey, I’m still doing it. Good things take time, right? Time to crop, edit, turn into a black and white photo on some, yada, yada. Here are the photos:


A pop of color in the snow


So, basically, in Oregon, we call it a Snowpocalypse or a Snowmagedon when we get a few inches of snow. We know all of you up north of us or in colder states are laughing because when you get a blizzard you get a few more feet of snow, not inches. And it stays all winter. Yeah. I know. I grew up in Michigan during my elementary school days. Schools and businesses never shut down for a few inches of snow or they’d be closed all winter.


Ferns in the snow


But in Oregon, we don’t get a lot of snow and our city is not prepared to deal with it i.e., not enough bulldozers, sand, salt, de-icer, ect. to cover the whole city, so roads get slick and icy pretty quick and nobody wants to go out driving in it because you may end up doing circles in the road. I know. I did a half circle on the road last weekend.


Narnia? Oh where art thou, Narnia?


People were running to the stores this time last week trying to stock up on groceries. I went to the library to stock up on books. And got a few random items at the Discounts Only store in Gresham. That was it. I had enough food to last me several days. Why run to the store and get more when I didn’t need to? Sheesh, people! Get with it already! The big joke was that the Portland area stores ran out of kale in everyone’s mad dash to get groceries. In truth, stores ran out of a whole lot of everything last Friday. Nothing like mass panic to boost all the grocery stores sales for a day!


No apples on the apple treeMail, anyone?

Beauty, shining through.Peeking through to a winter wonderlandTwinnin''Happiness can be found even in the darkest times if one only remembers to turn on the light'Black and white and snowy all over


Then, the rains came in and washed away the snow Sunday night. Just in time for my mom to start her radiation treatments up at OHSU.

Her cancer got worse so she got taken off the trial program she was on and is doing radiation because one of the spots in her lungs is as big as a small egg now. Time to bring in the big guns!

The interesting news was that, up until this past summer, she had been beating back her cancer as one of her doctor’s top patients in the trial program. Only to find out she’d been doing it all on a placebo drug and many, many prayers when her doctor finally checked at the time he had to take her off of the trial program to get her into radiation. Wow. Keep praying. For her and for the family as we are all trying to get through this awful thing called cancer.

How to get freebies for your birthday

I just had a birthday recently, and decided to see what all I could get for free for my birthday. I’m not counting restaurants, because usually most restaurants you go to have some sort of birthday freebie – I still have yet to get my free burger from Red Robin as it is. A few of these items are only for people living in the Portland Metro area of Oregon, but some are good across the US. I discovered you probably don’t want to be signing up for your freebie on the day of your birthday, because it will probably not process for 24 to 48 hours and you may risk not getting your free birthday item if you do it too late. However, if I did get my free birthday drink at Starbucks by just telling them I was signing up and asking if I could get the drink that day. And, when I still hadn’t received my free coupon for a milkshake over 24 hours after I signed up, I asked them if I would get the coupon if I signed up on my birthday and it processed the next day. The manager gave me the shake anyway. So, if you just speak up, you may still get your birthday treat.

Here are the ones I rounded up during my birthday week:


Coffee, coffee and more coffee!

Coffee, coffee and more coffee!

Did I hit the coffee jackpot, or what? Sign up for Starbucks rewards card.  My son said he did this without having to get a Starbucks gift card to get started, I ended up buying myself a Starbucks gift card with the minimum of $5 on it to get my Star code. I didn’t really want a gift card, but now I have one to me, from me. 

Dutch Brothers is awesome! No sign up necessary. Just show your I.D. on your birthday and you get a free drink. Voila! Couldn’t be easier.

The other one is a local coffee shop called Origins. They use the 5 star rewards card program for their business, and it sends you a text telling you that you have a free birthday drink to pick up on or before your birthday. Not bad.


Kitty treats

Kitty treats

Next up, kitty treats! No, not really for me, but the place I go to, Exclusive Pet Supply in Troutdale, Oregon also has a 5 star reward program card and I got to pick up free kitty treats (or dog treats if you have a dog) for the kitties for my birthday. So I can have spoiled, happy kitties on my birthday!


My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

This is the free milkshake I had to ask about as I still hadn’t gotten my coupon after signing up on my birthday for. You have to join the Raving Fan Club for Del Taco for this one. Do it at least a day before your birthday. My coupon never did come. I did get the coupon for my two free tacos just for signing up, though. 


Mini Bun + Iced Coffee

Mini Bun + Iced Coffee


This one I did actually sign up for the day before my birthday and all of my coupons came in. You need to sign up to join Club Cinnabon After you join you will receive a Mini Bun for signing up and the free Iced Coffee for your birthday treat.  


Pip's donuts!!!

Pip’s donuts!!!


Pip’s Donuts are the Best. Donuts. Ever! Tiny little bits of deliciousness. They are mini cake donuts made fresh during store hours. Oh. My. Word. I love their donuts. And, if you notice, their box says ‘You’re the best’ on the inside of the lid. Not sure if that’s a birthday thing or if they do that on all of their boxes to go. This is a Portland only thing. Only one Pip’s Donut shop at this point in time. That’s okay. More for me, none for you unless you come to the Pacific Northwest. Ha.


DQ Buy one get one free Blizzard

DQ Buy one get one free Blizzard

If you join Dairy Queen’s Blizzard Fan Club you’ll get a Buy one, get one free coupon for a Blizzard. I tried the Royal Oreo Blizzard treat with a core of gooey, yummy chocolate inside. Yeah, baby! That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Technically I also signed up for the Cold Stone My Cold Stone Club as well and got another buy one get one coupon, but I was thinking you got that anyway just for signing up and didn’t take a photo of my ice cream before glomming it down. Looking at the website, it actually is a birthday deal, so it does count. So I’ll give it a mention even though I didn’t take any photos of my ice cream before eating it. 


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