Leach Botanical Gardens

The Leach Botanical Gardens are a beautiful spot to visit in the spring. Flowers are blooming everywhere. The paths through the trees are lined with flowering clover, azaleas, trillium flowers and other spring blooms. If you are looking for a place to take mom in the Portland area, look no further.

On a hot day, there is ample shade to keep you cool. On a cool day, bring a jacket so you won’t be cold while wandering the paths.

I’ve came here a few years ago with my family and my dad was still able to walk around all the paths at that time. Now it may be harder for him to do so with his neuropathy. It sounds like in the next year they will be building an aerial tree path and a central pathway from the Manor House to the Upper Garden, which may make things easier for my dad to get around. I’ll have to go back and see the changes next spring.

A peaceful place

The above photo is for my mom, who likes purple and is still battling cancer. She just started back in chemo after a round of radiation. The cancer just won’t quit. Since she likes purple, I’ve decided purple is her ‘fight’ color. Remember my mom in your prayers.


To all you other mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day! Treat mom to a wonderful bouquet of flowers for 15% off on The Bouqs with code MOMSDAY15

Bunnies and blooms

Easter may be over, but we found a couple of bunnies hopping around a trail in Fairview, Oregon we were taking photos on last week. So stinkin’ cute! One stayed pretty hidden, but the other hopped right across the path we were walking on, then back across it to his bunny buddy on the other side. These are the bunnies I was talking about seeing in my last post. I finally decided to actually share those photos with you all. I know. I was keeping them all to myself for a bit. Cause I’m stingy like that…

I must say, it is so nice to get out and see pretty flowers blooming & bunnies hopping around. Ok, so, some of the flowers we were seeing were actually skunk cabbages, but they didn’t stink and were quite pretty, so it’s all good. Really.


Bunny profile


Yellow skunk cabbage


Trillium Flower


The covered bridge




Tiny little pink flowers


Da bunny!

Happy spring, y’all!


Bunny pics by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog.




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