What’s black and white and red all over?

What’s black and white and red all over? Remember that riddle from childhood? I totally remember that one going around elementary school. I like the off-the-wall-kid answer to that one best: An embarrassed zebra. Not necessarily the ‘correct’ answer, but a pretty good one if you ask me.

In this post, I’m the one that’s black and white and red all over. Minus the white until I changed into my flat zebra print shoes to walk back over the uneven grass lawn back to the car. (And you thought fashion bloggers just traipsed all over in their high heels all day. Ha.)

And speaking of zebra print, let’s bring it back. Out with the snake print, in with the zebra print, I say. I read an article dated last fall stating they thought tiger print was going to be big for fall and winter. They got that wrong. Snake print, off all things, was the big animal print trend this past season. Now, I think it’s time for zebra print to make a come back! Who’s with me?

I was loving these moss and lichen covered stairs on this abandoned building so much. Way more character than on a nice new building. Oh, the random places we find while attempting to avoid the crowds…

I think I was looking for superman to rescue me at this point because something was rustling around in the greenery behind me. I was sure it was a snake. We moved locations quickly after that.

And that’s all she wrote for this week. I’m fighting off a bit of a cold. I’ve been using my diffuser with my Young Living Essential Oils all weekend (get the starter kit here), adding a drop of Thieves essential oil to my water or tea with lemon (both essential oils come in the YL starter kit), and using the Emergen-C thrown and given to me by co-workers. (Literally thrown at me by one when I mentioned I had a sore throat on Friday. Ha.) Also, I swear by Cold Eeze. Trying to get better over the weekend. What works best for you when you have a cold you want to get over quick?

Also, I needed a better ‘serious’ shot for my portfolio of photos for acting. What do you all think? If you want to tell me to smile, you can shove it up your a**. Just letting you know right now. Before you say it. As an artist you need a variety of looks and serious is one of them. So if you’re an a-hole guy thinking women should smile in all photos, please move on. (And this is why I shouldn’t write blog posts when I’m sick. No apologies, though.)

Many thanks for stopping by.

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~ All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog.


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