Vivid print dress + fall colors

The fall colors are upon us! It’s bea-oootiful out there right now. Gotta enjoy it before the rain comes down and washes away all the pretty leaves on the trees.

Dress, given to me, blazer, Romeo + Juliet Couture, layered silk tank top c/o Mott & Bo, Betsey Johnson handbag, Marshall’s small tortoiseshell sunglasses, old + round toe black pumps, Ross

This vividly colored dress was given to me. I wasn’t too sure I liked the orange on it, but I love all the rest of the colors, and the orange isn’t dominant, nor does it look bad on me, so it’s all good. I’m just not much of an orange fan, unless it’s a bright summery orange or a springy orange. Fall orange, not so much. I feel like, in the fall, they take all the pretty colors and muddy them up a bit. I tend to add the word ‘poop’ to the beginning of the colors that are a much darker, murkier color than what you would see the rest of the year. I know. I’m mature like that.

Nature does such a wonderful job of turning all the leaves pretty colors. Somehow, we ruin that when we try to mimic it in fall colors for clothing.

I always feel like wrap dresses have a vintage sort of vibe. Not sure why. So I attempted to do a bit of a victory roll on one side of my head. It’s really more of a ‘defeat’ roll, as I tried several times, had it looking good, only for it to start flopping off the side of my head. At some point I had something that resembled a cool looking hair flower, but alas, that didn’t stay put either. Hairdo’s aren’t my forte.

Also, I wasn’t having trouble with this wrap dress flopping open. It had ties on the waist, but they didn’t affect the top staying open or closed. I was wearing it with a silk camisole underneath (from Mott and Bo) so maybe I wasn’t noticing it trying to flop open. You could also try double sided tape if you have a wrap dress or top that won’t stay put. If you have trouble with wrap dresses and you’re petite like me, check out this post here: How to style a wrap dress if you’re petite.

You all have a wonderful week, and thank you for stopping by.

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