Falling into Fall

Tomorrow is the first day of fall. Waah. I love the beginning of fall, but hate the way it ends. All bitter and cold with winter-like weather creeping in. If only I can live in a land of eternal summer all year round! Sigh.

Wrap cardigan, gifted to me similar here, silk top c/o Mott & Bow, black skinny jeans c/o Mott & bow, blue turquoise disk dangle earrings, Target, black wedge sandals, similar, here. Tortoiseshell cat ear sunglasses, Betsey Johnson. Don’t give a damn attitude, earned it.

Time to start transitioning our summer clothes into fall appropriate attire. Today I am adding a wrap poncho. Wrap cardigan? Wrap? Not sure what this is. This wrap thingamabob. (Yes. I think that’s a word. My dad uses it all the time. Haha.) This was given to me by someone who wasn’t quite sure how to wear it. Well. Neither am I sure how to style it, but I thought I’d give it a go.

I chose to wrap the cardigan wrap thingy around my waist and tied it in the back.

Is it weird in the back? And do I care? No. I do not care.

This is what it looks like un-wrapped around my waist. It’s long, the sides hang down. It’s fun, but really, how did the maker intend for this to be worn? I really want to know.

Conclusion of the weird wrap cardigan thingamajig: It’s soft and warm and weird shaped, but I like it. Still don’t know if I’m wearing it ‘properly’. Still don’t care. I think I’ll play around with this one a bit more as autumn overtakes us.

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