Date night outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day

Here comes Valentine’s day, here comes Valentine’s day, right down Valentine’s day lane. Okay, that’s not a song. But I think there is a here comes Santa Claus song like that, so I’m going with it. So there.

If you don’t have your Valentine’s date night outfit together yet, fear not, this post is for you.

I had the most marvelous time perusing the ModCloth website. They have such cute, whimsical vintage-y type stuff on their website. So much fun! And their Valentine’s day stuff is just too adorable. I love their website! So many unique, yet feminine, things to chose from.


Date night outfit ideas



As much as I love all the heart stuff, this pink, white and purple envelope print dress really caught my eye. I used to love sending and receiving mail growing up. As a missionary kid to Papua New Guinea, mail was our lifeline to everyone we left behind. I still love receiving mail via snail mail even though I don’t send it as often as I used to. Nothing like that nostalgic feeling you get when you receive a letter you can hold in your hands and open it up and re-read it over and over again.

Just like I love to read books I can hold rather than read them on a kindle. There’s just something to being able to have something tangible to hold on to rather than just staring at a screen while reading something.

This year, try sending a written love note to that special someone – perhaps even through the mail. Or set up a cute mail box to sneak Valentine’s to someone who lives with you.

Also, there’s still time to send that special someone a Valentine’s day bouquet. Save 25% off flowers from The Bouqs with code: VDAY25 until February 14th.

Pretty bouquets


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Shop Valentine’s date night outfits here:


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Blossom print skirt – #fashionfriday

Love this wonderful blossom print skirt! The material is a nice high quality satin finish with a half liner underneath. The waist is half elastic which helps it stretch to fit more than one size, but it has a nice side zipper as well. It fit me well – I was a bit concerned it wouldn’t because it was a once size fits all and I have a very small waist size, but the fit was perfect!

The skirt was pretty wrinkled by the time it got here, and I was looking for care instructions on a tag on the clothing, but there were no instructions for care. I cautiously turned the skirt inside out to iron it and put the iron on medium. That didn’t seem to be getting the wrinkles out, so I turned it up just a bit – still ironing on the inside to determine the right temperature to iron the skirt without ruining it. The good news is: once it was ironed, it did not appear to re-wrinkle easily!

I love the colors and pattern on this skirt. It is so feminine and modest without being frumpy. This skirt is just gorgeous! I would highly recommend this product to others buying it.

*Although I did receive this item at a discount to review on Amazon, all opinions expressed are my own. And with this item, thus ends all the products I reviewed for Amazon…


Spring blossom skirt

Spring blossom skirt



Sitting pretty

Sitting pretty


Cherry blossom skirt

Cherry blossom skirt


Back view of cherry blossom skirt

Back view of cherry blossom skirt


Blending in to the foilage in this wonderful spring blossom print skirt!

Blending in to the foliage in this wonderful spring blossom print skirt!


All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on here on Flickr and on his blog.


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