The thing about hope…

I’ve been trying to pick my word for the year since the new year started. I was leaning towards the word hope.

Rose in bloom

So I prayed about it, and still don’t have a word. Instead, I keep feeling like God is telling me to put Him first. Whoa. Am I not doing that? Hmmm. Maybe if I really think about it, He’s there in my life, but not always first.

Budding rose

The reason I’m feeling hope is because my doctor prescribed me a new medication – Amitryiptyline – that seems to be knocking the sciatic nerve pain down to a 4 / 5 level on a pain scale of 1 – 10. Making it easier to get through and be closer to being okay as I skate through a flare up of pain. But should I really be putting my hope in a medication? And how many times have we put our hope in medication for my moms cancer and had that hoped knocked right out from under us because the medication wasn’t working? We’ve been told the medication will fail at some point. No hope found there.

Yellow roseEarlier this week, a wantok from PNG lost her 17 year old daughter in a car accident. I was getting my thoughts together to write about my word choice – Hope – when I heard the news. Where is the hope in that situation? I couldn’t find it. I didn’t write my post. The hope was just knocked out of me. But then I started thinking about my friends words that she wrote in her post on Facebook about the accident. Her daughter had just rededicated her life to the Lord two weeks earlier. She knew she was in heaven and she’d see her again some day. Wow.

Fall finery

I have hope that maybe this medication is working and I can wean myself off it and be okay again without it someday. But I don’t know that. If I look at the world around me, there is no hope.

Red leaves

The thing about hope is this: Hope is a fragile thing. It can be crushed, broken or dissipate into thin air in a heartbeat. If you put your hope in the things of this world, you have nothing. But, if you put God first and put your hope in Him, you have peace everlasting.

White rose

So, as we head into the new year, it’s a good thing to have hope for the future, but it’s a much better thing to remember Who to place your hope in in the first place. If we listen to Him telling us to put Him first, then it doesn’t matter if we have a word or resolution to face the new year with. My hope is in Him.

Pink and white rose

This is the year that I put God first in my life. I will declare that right now. Because maybe He’s there, just waiting to be put front and center.

Orange flower

For anyone reading this, I challenge you to stop and think. Is He first in your life, or is He just there, in case you need Him and feel like talking to Him if you have a moment?

Red maple leaf

To my susa lewa who lost her daughter this week: my heart breaks when your heart breaks. You are in the thoughts and prayers of many wantoks this week.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1


Pidgin English Words:

*Susa = Sister

*Lewa = Person of my heart, my heart craves / longs for you.

*wantok = A close comrade: a person with whom one has a strong social bond, usually based on shared language or place.

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Easter Angels

I ran across these wonderful vintage Easter angel cards this weekend. I do love Victorian artwork, so I thought I’d share them with you in case you love vintage Victorian art as well. Or maybe you need an Easter angel this week. I know I do. And a regular guardian angel every other day as well!


Vintage Easter angel being showered with violets ~ Image courtesy of

Vintage Easter angel being showered with violets ~ Image courtesy of


I must admit. This morning I was having one of those days when things hit you hard. I woke up with yet another headache and didn’t think I’d make it to church for the third time in a row. But, I took some ibuprofen, got out of bed and managed to get out the door and down the road to church. They had free donuts when I got there. Score!


Four Easter Angels ~ Image courtesy of

Four Easter Angels ~ Image courtesy of


Worship started. I love the singing part. I think we should just forget about the talking part and just sing our way through the service. Ha. But seriously. We started singing, there was a big cross on the stage, and I started thinking about my mom’s cancer. This month marks the 18 month mark since her ‘D’ day was given to her. She’s supposed to either not be here right now, or have one foot in the grave. But instead, she’s alive and doing well. I get to go have Easter dinner over at my parents house today.


Two angels on a cross ~ Image courtesy of

Two angels on a cross ~ Image courtesy of


I’m not sure why this hits so hard on certain days, but for one, it’s a holiday. For two, it’s another landmark time that the doctor’s told her she had left to live. Now we’re into the time where they said at the most she’d have 18 months to two years to live. And when you get to these landmark moments, they just hit you like a rock in the gut.

My mom is still here. Take that satan! By the grace of God, she is still here, so I take that rock in the gut and throw a big gigantic boulder right back at ya, you stinky, slimy toad straight from the pits of hell!


Victorian Easter angel card with gold accents ~ Image courtesy of

Victorian Easter angel card with gold accents ~ Image courtesy of


I’m not sure if it’s all the prayers, the new trial drug, the CBD oil that we always feel like we shouldn’t mention she’s taking despite it’s many medicinal qualities. Maybe it’s the baking soda and water she takes a bit of on the side. Or maybe it’s the groats of oats. (Steel cut oats) I woke up one morning last year, with the phrase ‘groats of oats’ repeating itself in my head three times. I started laughing. I didn’t think there was such a thing as groats of oats. I felt very strongly that I needed to look it up, but shrugged it off as something silly. A few days later I got a Facebook message from a friend with a video clip in it talking about different things that were good for fighting cancer. And one of them was groats of oats, which I totally thought was a made up phrase playing through my head. A few weeks later I finally told my mom about the weird incident. Now she makes up big pots of groats of oats or actually steel cut oats which are the same thing cut down in three pieces so they are easier to cook. Whatever the case, we’re really not sure what’s doing it, but we’ll take whatever is kicking the cancer’s butt at the moment.


Vintage Easter angel card with purple flowers and church bell ~ Image courtesy of

Vintage Easter angel card with purple flowers and church bell ~ Image courtesy of


I’ve been busy doing background acting work these past two weeks. Everything that was filming around town has ended for now. But, I was thinking about all of my extras friends while the pastor was preaching his sermon. (He was talking about the prodigal son, in case you think I missed the whole sermon.) Some new, some old. And how you sometimes get paired up with someone or in a group of people and those people are your set buddies for the day. I was thinking I should do something similar at church. I go to such a big church, you don’t really connect with people very well, but, there are the people around you. They could be your ‘church buddies’.

So, when the lady in front of me raised her hand when they asked if people wanted to rededicate themselves to the Lord, or make an commitment to the Lord for the first time. I really wanted to give her a hug. But they asked them all to come up front. So she did with the rest of the new believers. When she came back, I went up to her and gave her a big hug and told her I was glad she was there and I thought she was a beautiful lady. She just held on to me and cried while they were singing a song up front. We talked a bit and I actually gave her a kiss on the cheek before I sat down. ~ Like where is Maureen, and what alien abducted her this morning, right? ~ I don’t normally do the cheek kissing thing unless the other person initiates it. Weird. So yeah. I just hugged on and loved on a new comer to East HIll Church today and welcomed her into the fold all because I thought, why not have a church buddy just like you have set buddies? And really, why not? In smaller churches you have relationships with the people in the church, but I’m used to being in a big church where you just get lost in the crowd. So, if you go to a big church like me, why not adopt a church buddy? Or take a new comer under your wing? I do it on background acting jobs, so why not do it out in the real world as well?


I asked Jesus "How much do you love me?"

I asked Jesus “How much do you love me?”


So, this week, I challenge you. If you’re on a set, find a set buddy. If you’re at church, find a church buddy. At work, where ever you’re spending a good chunk of time. Why not find someone and make their day brighter by welcoming them into your life? And who knows, maybe you’ll be like an angel coming along to encourage, accept and love on them, just when they need it. If you feel like you’re not qualified, just remember, God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.


God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called.

God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.


Have a wonderful, blessed week!

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