Lavender festival time!

I’ve been meaning to go to the lavender festival the last couple of years and keep missing it. Not this year. My son reminded me it was going on, and off we went to frolic in the lavender.



The Oregon Lavender farm is a 90 acre farm located in Clackamas County out in the countryside of Oregon City. It’s a humongous farm, mostly lavender, but they have over 30 medicinal and aromatic herbs, as well. It is only open to the public on the weekend of the lavender festival. Thus the reason I always miss getting out there. I wish it was open for a full week so I could go on a weekday when the crowds are smaller, but at this point, you’ve only got one shot to go out there, one weekend a year.


Lavender for days at the lavender festival!


This year was the 12th annual festival they’ve held. There is live music playing + vendors with products and food for sale + a water feature.


Portland Cider Company food cart


Honey bears


Lavender sachets


We were in line for the lavender lemonade when they announced that it was all gone, so we settled for lavender ice cream. It was quite good. I highly recommend you try it sometime. I was afraid it would taste ‘perfumy’ but it had a nice light lavender taste. I really enjoyed it.


Lavender ice cream


There’s a gazebo up a bit higher than the rest of the grounds where you can get out of the shade and survey the surrounding area. As it was hot out, the bridge going to the water feature was so overcrowded with people that I didn’t even make it over the bridge to where the water feature was.


Gazebo surrounded by lavender


There are lots of pretty flowers up by the gazebo/water feature area.


Shine bright!


Purple, white and orange


I kind of wanted to stay and make a wreath at their DIY wreath making station. We didn’t end up doing that, but I stood and watched how they were putting them together for a bit while my son was off sampling salsa at one of the food booths.


Lavender wreath


On our way out, we just happened to discover the spot where you can view Mt. Hood through the trees with the lavender in the foreground. There was a water feature you could run or walk through to get misted down lightly with water to cool you off.


Mount Hood


All in all, just a nice early summer event to go to. The festival is usually held the last full weekend of June. You can check on their website here next June to see the exact dates.


Don't be afraid to stand alone. Don't be afraid to like it.



Ending the day at Cascade Locks

Cascade Locks often times is the end of a long days adventure in the Columbia River Gorge. We usually like to get ice cream at East Wind Drive In, and my son and I like to go over to Marine Park next door and walk around. The Sternwheeler, a large paddle wheel boat, is located there near the Locks Waterfront Grill. There’s a wonderful bronze sculpture that I love of Sacagawea and Seaman, the dog, in Sacagawea Circle to the side of the Grill, and a funny Sasquatch carving out behind the Grill that is just too cute in all of his glorious grumpiness.


Sasquatch & the Sternwheeler

Sasquatch & the Sternwheeler

There are even a few love locks started on the fence facing the Sternwheeler. They started the love locks several years ago, but it hasn’t really taken off as well as it would if it was in a more urban area. If you ever make it out that way, remember to bring your love locks to attach to the fence and throw away the key, locking in your love forever. Blah, blah, blah… And all that other romantic BS. But yes, bring them anyway, whether you’re romantic or not, so I can take photos of them somewhere down the road on a future trip. After all, what better place to lock in your love than in Cascade Locks?


Love locks at Cascade Locks

Love locks at Cascade Locks


It’s usually a breezy walk along the path on the waterfront, but even more so once you head on over to Thunder Island. Sometimes you catch fishermen on the fishing platforms along the water, but other days there’s not a single one in sight. We didn’t see any this time around. I believe they refer to these as the Indian Fishing Platforms. You’ll even notice they have no trespassing signs them as well.


Fishing platform

Fishing platform


There are mysterious looking stairs leading right down into the water with nowhere to go. Perhaps a tiny boat docking area? These are in the canal between Thunder Island and the mainland. Which is also where the fishing platforms are.


Lichen covered stairway to the Columbia River

Lichen covered stairway to the Columbia River


The view looking towards the Bridge of the Gods off of the boat docking area is amazing! Just wow. I love the Pacific Northwest. When it’s not raining.


Jetty pointing to the Bridge of the Gods

Jetty pointing to the Bridge of the Gods


It looks like you can have a wedding or party out on Thunder Island. There is a wooden arch out near the river with a view of a tiny island right behind it. What a gorgeous place to have a wedding!


Looking through the wedding arch

Tiny island framed by the wedding arch



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