7 ways to embrace the mesh trend in the new year

I love all of the mesh stuff coming out nowadays! This dress caught my eye not only because of the stunning red crushed velvet, but also because of the polka dot mesh details at the top. Super cute!

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This dress arrived on Christmas Eve. I was going to wear it Christmas day because with the beautiful red color, it just screams Christmas. But I didn’t get around to wearing it until the weekend after Christmas. I must say, I love red any time of the year, so this dress could be a cute going-out dress or even a Valentine’s day outfit.

Swiss dot mesh red velvet dress, Dresslily; high heeled hiking boots, Rue21; striped gloves, given to me; leather jacket, old; black reflective sunglasses, Rue21, Fleur de lis tights, old.

Granted the mesh trend has been around for a few years, but I’m really starting to take notice of it.

Several ways to wear mesh are:

If wearing a totally sheer mesh top, a cute lace sports bra can be worn underneath or just a cute satin or silk cami.

You can also layer mesh over a crop top to wear with jeans. 

For a work ready look, pair it over a solid top or wear with a tank top underneath and a blazer in a contrasting color over top.

Mesh overlays or just peek-a-boo mesh would also work for more professional look.

A top or dress with flowing mesh overlays is an everyday, breezy look.

You can also embrace the mesh trend by just wearing mesh socks or tights.

Mesh tops with embroidery, lace or beads is also a fun way to mix it up.

Mostly, have fun with it. And wear it whatever way you are comfortable.

You can also shop more mesh items on Dresslily here:

Happy New Year everyone!

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Show me Your glory!

I was walking around through the ice a couple of days after the ice storm because I’d seen the sunshine come out when I was driving about that morning and I was bowled over seeing the beauty of the sun shining through the trees in all it’s glory.

But, I hadn’t had breakfast yet, so I thought I’d go home, eat, and then go out and take photos. In the meantime, the clouds came out and the sun was hidden. By the time I was ready to go, there was no sun shining down in all it’s glory through the ice. I was so bummed. So I waited a bit. Finally, I could see an edge to the clouds covering the sun and decided to just go out and walk around in the ice in hopes that the sun was going to return.

Just when I was beginning to think it wouldn’t come out of the clouds, I’d get a brief moment of sunshine. It elusively kept peeking out of the clouds, playing a game of peek-a-boo with me.

I walked over to a school nearby and it was cloudy when I got there. But I could tell the school grounds would be a magical winter wonderland if only the sun would come back out and play.


Ethereal world - through the portal

Ethereal world – through the portal


I found myself making my way slowly towards the back of the school grounds, all the while looking up at the sky and telling God to ‘Show me Your glory.’ I knew the sun was up there hiding behind the clouds. I knew it wanted to come out. It just needed a little nudge…

Then, finally, that moment where it came out from the clouds for longer chunks of time so I could see what a wonderful glistening wonderland the world was – all covered in ice.


Sunshine on ice

Sunshine on ice

Sometimes, we have moments like that in life ~ I’m having a year like that right now ~ where you know there are good things coming for you and you are just waiting for God to show you His glory. Do you stop to look up towards God and ask him: ‘Show me Your glory’?  I may have been tromping around demanding it like a little kid in this instance. I could see the sun right near the edges of the clouds, just waiting to come light up the ice and snow all around me. I wanted the world to sparkle and shine all around me. I was impatient. I was demanding. I was persistent in my silly little request for the sun to come out as I traipsed around in the ice and snow.


Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland


But then I think, am I that persistent when it comes to the big things? My mom’s cancer? My low income this whole year? My worries about the future? Hmmm. Am I that demanding? Like a little kid knowing there are good things coming and demanding that they just hurry on up and get here? Or am I just politely asking, well, mostly begging when it comes to my mom and the cancer. Not really asking about the other stuff much. If you know there are good things in store, why not just look up towards heaven and tell God to show His glory in your life?

Because it seems childish? But doesn’t the Bible tell us “Let the little children come unto me. Do not stop them. For the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14


A glistening world

A glistening world

In a moment of childlike wonder out in the ice and snow – while anticipating the beauty I would see when the sun shone through all the ice making the world glimmer and shine – I found myself demanding God move those clouds the rest of the way out of the way and show me His glory. And eventually he chose to answer my request. Probably to shut me up. He didn’t need to. I could have walked all the way around the school grounds without the sun lighting up the winter wonderland before me. But he knew my repeated request was coming from that childlike sense of awe, wonder and anticipation for good things to come. As adults, I think there are very few times we come to God in that state.


Sunbeams through the ice covered trees

Sunbeams through the ice covered trees

This Christmas season, I hope that you are able to find that childlike wonder and that God responds by showing you His glory.


.. And the glory of the Lord shone around them.

.. And the glory of the Lord shone around them.


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