How to bring spring colors into your end of winter wardrobe

Spring is coming! It’s not here yet, but it’s on it’s way. We are occasionally getting nice spring like weather days around here and I am ready for it. But, how to incorporate that almost spring feel  and spring colors into your end of winter attire?


Spring style


Take those warmer weather days and just go for it!


Slate blue coat + rose gold accessories


Start bringing out your lighter jackets, short sleeve shirts, your shorter pants and wearing your shoes without socks.


Shades of blue


Lighten up the colors a bit. Add in your pastels.


White sweater, + jeans with pearls & a slate blue coat


Bring out your bright turquoise’s, pinks & yellows and mix and match with your winter wardrobe.


White fluffy sweater, blue coat, denim with pearls + rose gold accessories


Add a pop of color in an accessory like scarves, purses or shoes.


A perfect day for the park


Wear a coat in a lighter or brighter color.


Booty, booty!


It’s all in the details. Like these wonderful pastel pearls on these jeans.


Pearl details


Or rose gold sunglasses and simple pastel pink pearl earrings.


Pink pearl earrings, silver pearl bun band, rose gold sunglasses


And by all means, jump for joy because spring is coming!!! You know I am.


Jumping for joy in a cropped fluffy white sweater + cropped jeans with pearl details

Jumping for joy in a cropped fluffy white sweater + cropped jeans with pearl details


*Side story on this photo. I was told to try some jumping jacks, running and some lunges by my chiropractor. He seemed to think it might help loosen things up and get me past all the flare-ups of pain I’ve been having. (Like, how do you loosen up an area that has a cyst, right?)  So I decided to pull a jumping jack in the air. The pain did go up to a 4 and I got kind of stiff after that, but no major flare-ups of pain. The same with the running. Unfortunately, the lunges I tried a few weeks later totally did me in. So far, my pain triggers are going up and down hills, lunges, and arching my back way too much while doing the ‘superwoman’ exercise on my exercise ball, and standing too long without enough breaks for sitting. Any others have yet to be discovered…


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~ All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog.


Blue and white striped tie sleeve romper

I got this cute little blue and white striped romper with tie sleeves for my birthday and am just now getting around to getting photos of it to post for you guys. After rear-ending someone in rush hour traffic a few weeks ago, I started having really bad back pain a week later and ended up in the Urgent Care after a couple of long days on set as an extra. Not sure if the super long days contributed to the intense back pain or not, but it was pretty bad after the second long day that week. I am now going to physical therapy to help mend up those achy muscles. Mostly I feel okay, but my back muscles are pretty tight from where the first knot formed in my shoulder down to my lower back where the pain ended up a week later. Bleh.

Needless to say, I was waiting for my back to feel well enough to put on my cute little wedge heels and romper and go take photos. We forgot to get photos of the cute shoes, so I may as well have worn flats – you all wouldn’t even have known, and I wouldn’t have been wobbling about practically twisting my ankle trying to walk on the rocks to the side of the path all for the sake of a photo! (But, that grass, though!)



Big buns and rompers



Blue and white stripes



Romper details


Casual but cute



Tie sleeve romper



Deep in thought


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All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog.


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