Going down in blaze of glory

What better way to look casually preppy or preppy casual than to wear a blazer and jeans. Amirite? It’s a casually cool and comfortable look.

Striped blazer, given to me; ruffled button up tee, given to me; ripped jeans, old; backpack purse, old; black cat eye sunglasses, Rue21; red floral necklace, Anne Taylor Loft; red chandelier earrings, old; sketchers, Ross.

A friend gave me a bag of clothes a month ago and since then discovered she has leukemia. Please send prayers!

Today I styled and photographed some outfits put together with things she gave me plus some of my own stuff.  (Just one featured today.)

Before fall is totally gone, I had to get in a bit of leaf throwing!

Yep. I’m a dork. And I’m okay with that. Then just like that, back to smooth jazz, real cool…

Thank you for stopping by, and happy leaf throwing!

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~ All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.

Blue and gray on a fine fall day

This past weekend this fine fall weather was amazing! Just a bit cool in the mornings and evenings, but perfect the middle of the day. Sunday we stopped at the park on our way home from church and played in the leaves. So much fun! I felt good for two whole days after my round of physical therapy, chiro, acupuncture and massage, and then the pain started creeping back in on the third day. I was jumping and throwing leaves and having fun because I still felt pretty good.

After I got home, I was worried my back would start hurting really bad because of it, but the pain was just creeping slowly back in like it had the last weekend after my round of appointments, so I don’t think I was any worse for the wear after playing in the park. May as well have had fun with those fall leaves while I still could. The rain is coming back again and they are going to be wet and slimy now. Not so much fun to play with any more… Wah, wah, wah. And Monday’s round of appointments didn’t seem to give me as much relief as the ones the end of last week. So, play while you can, I say!


Fall fun!


Blue and gray stripes + white coat


Blue and gray


Fall style


Taupe boots, + blue and gray outfit



Blue short sleeved sweater + gray cardigan + blue and gray striped skirt and taupe boots


Blue and gray on a fall day


We also had fun taking Boomerang shots of us throwing the leaves. Check out my Instagram  to see it.


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*This post contains affiliate links. If you click through on them, I may receive a small drop of money. Enough to keep one light bulb burning. Thank you in advance for keeping a light on in my home.
~ All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog.



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