Swallow print ruffled top + white stretchy pants and how to treat yo self

Summer is flying by. I thought I’d get into the late summer vibes by wearing a blue ruffled swallow print tank top and white stretchy pants. Not leggings. Stretchy pants. Which means they are thicker than leggings but with all the wonderful stretchy-ness included. Who doesn’t love a good pair of stretchy pants?

Ruffled swallow print tank top, given to me; white stretchy pants, clearance from Kohl's; bling flip flops, Ross; Betsey Johnson sunglasses, Marshall's, Kate Spade New York handbag, gifted to me.

Ruffled swallow print tank top, given to me. White stretchy pants, clearance from Kohl’s; bling flip flops, Ross; Betsey Johnson sunglasses, Marshall’s, Kate Spade New York handbag, gifted to me.

My birthday was last week, and I took the day off to treat myself. I think that’s really important to do every now and then. You may need to stay within whatever budget you need to set, but it’s good to do at least something for you on your special day.

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I started by taking the day off of work. Yaaasss please! Not being at work on my birthday is in itself a treat.

Next, I slept in. Also, yaaaas!

I was going to eat the last cinnamon roll for breakfast, but some little piggy got there first. Oink. oink. (I was going to be the birthday piggy!)

In the afternoon, my son and I got facials. I go to an esthetician who works on my sons cystic acne. She’s been working on him for years now. And me.

Later, off to Red Robin for my free birthday burger.

Next to get a pedicure at the place my esthetician friend goes to.

Then off to get a free coffee at Dutch Bros. Here I am the queen of finding free birthday stuff, as can be seen by this post, but forgot about this one.

I did manage to get my free Pip’s donuts and free drink from Cinnabon the day after my birthday. I think you have to have the app now to get one from Starbucks. My sister also told me about a birthday freebie from Jamba Juice with the app. I signed up for it, but it was after my birthday by then, so no birthday freebie showed up for me. I did, however, get $3 off for signing up for the app. Which I forgot to use when I got my drink. I have a month to use, it, so no worries. Ha.

Also I did some shopping the day after my birthday by myself, and then shopping at consignment shops down in Portland on Saturday with my sis and her daughters.

So, yeah, the birthday ‘treat yo-self’ thing just kept going.

I encourage you all to do some sort of self care thing for yourself this week, even if it isn’t your birthday. If it’s your birthday week, go crazy with it. You’re worth it!


~ All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog

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Saturday Farmer’s Market

You’ll have to indulge me for a moment as I wax on about the Saturday Farmers Market. I’ve been going to the Saturday Farmers Market a lot in the last month or two, but wasn’t really going much at all the first half of summer.  At first, I was in search of the honey lady. She used to be at the main farmer’s market in downtown Gresham, but moved over to the one at MHCC a few years ago. I know. I hunted her down a couple of years ago as summer was drawing to a close and I wasn’t seeing the honey lady at the Saturday farmer’s market in downtown Gresham anymore. She has a Facebook page, but hadn’t updated it in years. Hmmm. Must not realize the power of social media in keeping your people informed… Maybe I should post one of my pictures of her honey on her wall informing others where she is now located…


Cute little honey bears

Cute little honey bears at the Farmer’s Market


These wind chimes were so awesome! I kept taking boomerang shots of them because it caught the wonderful spinning action. Still pretty like this, but way funner when they are moving.


Wind chimes

Wind chimes


After finding my honey this summer, I had to go back to see what fruits and vegetables are in season. Okay, mostly fruits. I don’t think I’ve bought a single vegetable from the farmer’s market at all this summer. I have in the past, but this summer I’ve been in search of fresh fruit. Ripened on the tree or vine or bush or whatever plant it’s growing on. I wasn’t too thrilled with my peaches this year. Obvi they were picked way before they were ripened because they had no flavor whatsoever and started going bad without ever gaining any. Big disappointment. My nectarines were wonderful, but my pears, just so-so. Couldn’t find any plums at either market, so we headed off to another stand for those.



Radishes – I hate them, but they sure are pretty


Love the way the light shone through this red glass plate!

Love the way the light shone through this red glass plate!


I may have to buy some of this purple cauliflower before market ends this year because – well, it’s purple! How much more fun is that than the regular white kind? Right???


Purple and white cauliflower

Purple and white cauliflower


Pretty bouquet of flowers

Pretty bouquet of flowers

This week, my mom and I went to the Salvation Army Harvest Days and picked up a bunch of fruits and vegetables. This is for seniors and people with low incomes. They have it once a month on the first Wednesday of the month. Not too proud to take free food when I need it. Nope. So we loaded up on, again mostly fruit, so I didn’t even go to the Saturday farmer’s market this weekend. Way. Too. Much. Fruit. To. Ever. Eat. In. A. Lifetime right now in my house. I seriously made a honeydew/peach smoothie today because that was the fruit that needed eaten the quickest. Sounds weird, but it was pretty good.


Green and orange striped mini pumpkins

Green and orange striped mini pumpkins


It’s always fun to see the fun craft items people sell, the flowers and the food and all the little doggies that come with their owners. The lady who sells painted rocks also hides 10 of them a week around Gresham. There is even a Facebook page for people who hide rocks around Gresham called Gresham ‘Rocks’


Bumblebee rocks

Bumblebee rocks

Even though I didn’t make it this week, I’ll have to make sure I go again in the next weekend or two because soon they will be closing for the winter. In fact, the one at MHCC  already closed the end of last month.

I still miss the elephant ear stall at the main market in Gresham, though. It’s just not the same looking for a treat at the food stalls, but never finding the elephant ear one…  🙁

What are your favorite things at a Farmers Market near you?



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