How to style a sundress for colder weather

So you’ve got your favorite sundress in the closet that you want to keep wearing as the weather gets colder. Now, how to make it warm enough to keep wearing in the winter and fall? This post is all about transitioning warm weather dresses into a cute & cozy cold weather outfit.

In this look, I took a sweater and layered it over top of a sundress. Then I added a belt to bring in the waist and make the dress look more like a skirt. Perfect fall / winter look with the jewel toned purple sweater and black and white striped dress.

Other ways you can winterize your summer sundresses would be to:

  1. Wear a blazer over top. You can add a coat over that if needed for going outside, or wear it with just the blazer if the weather is warm enough.
  2. Add turtleneck underneath. A mock turtleneck works to add warmth and would still look cute.
  3. Add a button up shirt. Depending on the style of dress, you could add a button up shirt underneath, or over the top, belted or unbelted to warm up the look.
  4. Accessorize! I just had knee high boots in this look, but if the temps drop lower, I would add tights, a scarf, gloves, a poncho, or even leggings underneath to keep warm. Earmuffs, anyone? And how about a muff? Those warm cylinder shaped things Victorian women stuffed their hands in to keep them warm. Yeah. I want one of those. Let’s bring muffs back!
  5. Add a cardigan. I am always wearing cardigans at work to keep warm. Because, yes, sometimes we are cold indoors in the winter. Then you can just layer your coat over the top when you go out.
  6. Add a skirt. Under or over. Another skirt layered over the top or underneath can add volume and warmth.
  7. Add a sweater. I already did that in this look, but another way to add a sweater is to wear it underneath the dress. This sweater would have worked good under as well as over because it isn’t too bulky. If the sweater is really bulky or chunky, wear it over the top.

How are you bringing your summer clothes into winter? Mostly I wear a tank top underneath my tops everyday to add another thin layer of warmth to my core.

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Merry Christmas to everyone near and far.

Fear not, for 2020 is almost over… 

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Falling into Fall

Tomorrow is the first day of fall. Waah. I love the beginning of fall, but hate the way it ends. All bitter and cold with winter-like weather creeping in. If only I can live in a land of eternal summer all year round! Sigh.

Wrap cardigan, gifted to me similar here, silk top c/o Mott & Bow, black skinny jeans c/o Mott & bow, blue turquoise disk dangle earrings, Target, black wedge sandals, similar, here. Tortoiseshell cat ear sunglasses, Betsey Johnson. Don’t give a damn attitude, earned it.

Time to start transitioning our summer clothes into fall appropriate attire. Today I am adding a wrap poncho. Wrap cardigan? Wrap? Not sure what this is. This wrap thingamabob. (Yes. I think that’s a word. My dad uses it all the time. Haha.) This was given to me by someone who wasn’t quite sure how to wear it. Well. Neither am I sure how to style it, but I thought I’d give it a go.

I chose to wrap the cardigan wrap thingy around my waist and tied it in the back.

Is it weird in the back? And do I care? No. I do not care.

This is what it looks like un-wrapped around my waist. It’s long, the sides hang down. It’s fun, but really, how did the maker intend for this to be worn? I really want to know.

Conclusion of the weird wrap cardigan thingamajig: It’s soft and warm and weird shaped, but I like it. Still don’t know if I’m wearing it ‘properly’. Still don’t care. I think I’ll play around with this one a bit more as autumn overtakes us.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you click through on them, I may receive a small drop of money, at no extra cost to you. Enough to keep a light bulb burning in my home. Thank you in advance for helping keep a light on in my home!

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