How to style a sundress for colder weather

So you’ve got your favorite sundress in the closet that you want to keep wearing as the weather gets colder. Now, how to make it warm enough to keep wearing in the winter and fall? This post is all about transitioning warm weather dresses into a cute & cozy cold weather outfit.

In this look, I took a sweater and layered it over top of a sundress. Then I added a belt to bring in the waist and make the dress look more like a skirt. Perfect fall / winter look with the jewel toned purple sweater and black and white striped dress.

Other ways you can winterize your summer sundresses would be to:

  1. Wear a blazer over top. You can add a coat over that if needed for going outside, or wear it with just the blazer if the weather is warm enough.
  2. Add turtleneck underneath. A mock turtleneck works to add warmth and would still look cute.
  3. Add a button up shirt. Depending on the style of dress, you could add a button up shirt underneath, or over the top, belted or unbelted to warm up the look.
  4. Accessorize! I just had knee high boots in this look, but if the temps drop lower, I would add tights, a scarf, gloves, a poncho, or even leggings underneath to keep warm. Earmuffs, anyone? And how about a muff? Those warm cylinder shaped things Victorian women stuffed their hands in to keep them warm. Yeah. I want one of those. Let’s bring muffs back!
  5. Add a cardigan. I am always wearing cardigans at work to keep warm. Because, yes, sometimes we are cold indoors in the winter. Then you can just layer your coat over the top when you go out.
  6. Add a skirt. Under or over. Another skirt layered over the top or underneath can add volume and warmth.
  7. Add a sweater. I already did that in this look, but another way to add a sweater is to wear it underneath the dress. This sweater would have worked good under as well as over because it isn’t too bulky. If the sweater is really bulky or chunky, wear it over the top.

How are you bringing your summer clothes into winter? Mostly I wear a tank top underneath my tops everyday to add another thin layer of warmth to my core.

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Merry Christmas to everyone near and far.

Fear not, for 2020 is almost over… 

(What? Is that not a traditional holiday greeting?)

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~ All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.

When to bring out your sweater dresses

I had someone ask me a couple of weeks ago if I thought it was time to bring out the sweater dresses. Why yes! Yes it is time! But it got me thinking. When is it the right time to bring out the sweater dresses?


There is a right time to bring out the sweater dresses and a wrong time. Summer time, no. Winter, yes. Here are a few tips on when to where a sweater dress:

Cold temperature. I tried wearing one of my thickest, warmest sweater dresses in October. The mornings and evenings felt cold, but day time temps were mostly in the 60’s. I put on my thick sweater dress and felt so stuffy in it, right from the get-go, that I took it off and found something more lightweight to put on.

The thickness of the sweater dress.  The sweater dress I’m wearing in this photo shoot is a lightweight knit material. It was perfect for the changing season!

Short sleeves vs. long. I have a few sweater dresses / tunics that are short sleeved. I have been wearing all of those lately. But as temperatures are starting to get colder, I’m pulling out more of my long sleeved ones as well.

Accessories. When temps are cool, but not cold, wear a sweater dress with booties, heels or sneakers. When it gets cold, bring on the tights and higher boots for added warmth.

Layered. You can also try layering a sweater dress with a collared shirt underneath or a long tunic over the top when it’s cold. When it’s just cool out, skip the layering. The sweater dress itself will be warm enough.

Bonus tip: A sweater dress is also a great piece to wear to a holiday meal. Most sweater dresses have room to expand so you won’t feel uncomfortable after eating that big holiday dinner. Skinny jeans, on the other hand are probably not a good choice. Unless they are stretchy!

Happy Turkey day to all and to all a good night!

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All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.

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