The importance of having good basics in any wardrobe

Defining good basic wardrobe staples is different for every person. For me, a good basic ‘feel good’ pair of comfortable jeans is a must. Along with jean shorts. For tops, solid colored camis, tees, long sleeve tees & sweaters for layering. Dresses, skirts and pants in solid colors or subtle patterns would also be considered ‘basics’. Basics are crucial to any wardrobe for dressing up or down in, or layering with other items.

Today I’ve teamed up with Mott & Bow to share some of their basics. First time customers to Mott & Bow can save 15% here. Code works at checkout.

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Silk cami, c/o Mott & Bow, black skinny jeans, c/o Mott & Bow, black wedge sandals, old, Goodwill, tortoise shell cat ear sunglasses, Marshall’s, blue abalone shell earrings, old, Target.

If you have not tried jeans from Mott & Bow, let me tell you, they are comfortable. They are stretchy denim! Yep, you know me and stretchy pants from this post hereStretchy pants are super comfortable and these jeans are no exception. The jeans fit like a glove and move with you so you’re not feeling super stiff and immobile in them. Yes, please! I just need to make sure I never throw them in the dryer and shrink them.

This cami is real silk people. Real. Silk. I’ve looked up some tips on how to care for silk and found a great article on  Mott & Bow. I will probably not eat spaghetti in this top like, ever, but if I do, I now have some great tips for cleaning it.

Basic wardrobe items are important because they are base for any capsule wardrobe. They are perfect to take when traveling as they are easy to mix and match with other items for different looks without having to pack a lot. They can consist of more casual items to more dressy items but are mostly known for their wardrobe versatility. Wearing just basics will give you a clean, simple, classy look.

I can’t wait to start mixing and matching these with other items in my wardrobe!

~ All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.  You can find his work on Flickr and on his blog.

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