8 Tips for fighting allergies

My allergies this spring are acting up like crazy. We are getting enough rain that everything is super green still and there are so many flowers blooming right now, contributing lots of pollen to the air. But I felt the worst after being out at a campground for three days this week. I’d been fine the first two, but by day 3 my eyes were red, itchy and so watery I had tears coming out of them. I was literally crying allergy tears! Then I got super stuffed up all while having my nose run at the same time. And I kept fighting a really bad headache that I’m not sure if it was caused by the allergies or the the heat that day. It definitely wasn’t cause by stress because I was hanging out with the Cool Pool group that day and having a blast doing it.

So, today, I’m rounding up some tips for fighting allergies for any other allergy sufferer out there.

1. Wear Sunglasses to keep the pollen out of your eyes.

The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.

The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.


2. Take your shoes off by the door and don’t track the pollen into the house. Since I live in an apartment and my shoes would probably get stolen off my front porch if I left them in the house, I always leave mine by the front door inside the house. I realize the pollen is then in the house with me, but at least nobody is tracking it all over the house on their shoes that way.




3. Wash your hair before going to bed to get any pollen out of it. I don’t wash my hair every day, but did wash it after coming home on two of the three days I was out at the campground. The middle day we were indoors for a good chunk of the day anyway.


Blue hydrangeas


4. Try to stay indoors on dry days when the pollen counts are high – especially on windy days. Obviously, living in a bubble isn’t going to work for the entire allergy season, but you know, as best as you can.


Hosta flowers


5. Leave your windows closed during allergy season. I am not lucky enough to have an air conditioner, so I do not always follow this rule, either. If it’s been a hot day, I want to get as much cool air into the house as possible to cool the house down at night.




6. Wash your pillow cases more often. Yeah. I’m bad about that one. Can’t change them every day, but if I’m not washing my hair that night, I could be leaving pollen on my pillow for the next night, even if I have washed my hair by then.


Pink rose


7. Use the air conditioning in your car rather then opening the windows or vents.


She's on fire!

She’s on fire!


8. Check the pollen counts in your area and plan your day accordingly. Not always feasible because you may have things you planned months ago, but for last minute day outings this could work.

I’ve also heard that eating honey grown locally can help you build up a resistance to allergies. But I’ve never been able to tell if it’s actually working for me. Maybe I’m not eating enough locally grown honey. I wouldn’t recommend it over taking some allergy medication but perhaps in addition to them.

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