Under the rainbow

We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend and spotted this huge rainbow arch out near the parking lot. So, of course, jumping pictures followed. Because who doesn’t want to jump under a giant rainbow?


Tie-dye striped tank top, Loft; braided waist Lauren Conrad shorts, Kohl’s; gold bejeweled sandals, Marshall’s; Betsey Johnson bow bag, old, Ross; heart sunglasses, old,Ross.

I’ve been shopping the end of season clearance sales, which is where I found my outfit. I had credits to spend at both Kohl’s and Loft. Both tank top and shorts were less than $10. In fact, I had to go hunt for another item at Loft because I couldn’t use up the credit on my tank top after they took the additional percentage off that the clearance items were. They wouldn’t let me use the credit unless I could spend the whole amount. I also had money to spend at Victoria’s Secret, but their stuff is so expensive I settled for just buying underwear. Ha.

One thing I liked about these shorts was the braided denim waistline. It’s like having a built in denim belt on your shorts. The front pockets are very 70’s style. The shirt has fun almost tie-dyed like stripes on it. If you want to catch the end of summer clearance sales, they are going fast, so you’ll have to get out there and grab them before they’re gone!

If you are able to get out to a pumpkin patch, do so while the warm weather holds. I’m sure it will be rainy and muddy by the end of the month – at least in Oregon.

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~ All photos were taken by Calvin Hodgson.

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