What to do in Maryhill, WA

If you’re in North Eastern Washington, the American Stonehenge in Maryhill, WA is a must-see place to visit. Sam Hill, a wealthy railroad and utilities magnate, bought 7,000 acres of land and founded the town of Maryhill – hoping to lure Quaker farmers to settle in it. They did not.

After the town burned down in a fire, he surveyed the area and chose the high windswept spot overlooking the Columbia river and began construction on a full sized replica of Stonehenge.

Sam Hill’s memorial is meant to be a memorial to the dead soldiers of World War I, a reminder that humanity is still sacrificed for the god of war.

The Maryhill Museum was also founded by Sam Hill. It was originally intended as a home for Hill and his wife, but after a visit from his friend, Loie Fuller, he decided to turn his unfinished home into a museum.



I’ve been meaning to post more pics of this trip for a while now. I hope you enjoyed them.

Happy trails!

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